Is this not kind of awesome?

I have developed a new delusion since some time this month.

Basically, I feel like I am being watched.

And when I suddenly feel the watching presence again, I confront the watcher and say

‘you are not real’

and it helps.

The entity pops up again regularly, but saying this, as if a magic spell, helps
Can anyone relate?


I have to really try and believe it when I say those words, otherwise it is pointless.

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I say it helps because it is not a complete cure but I thought this is better than nothing

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I call this symptom false thought injection.

Thoughts that come from somewhere that you yourself did not think of.

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I like to tell the voice that I am busy.


lol really, does it help

Sure. But I have to make sure it’s the truth. That I have something to do beside listening to him.

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there is a technical term for that i think

Thought insertion??

no its something else

Intrusive thoughts?

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i think that’s it, maybe there are a few words for it

thought insertion is a bit delusional thinking something put those thoughts there


When I feel something government agency is watching, monitoring me, I say this to myself…

Who am i? I’m not famous. This is all in my head.

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