Is this normal?

I feel lIke doing lots if stuff like reading helpful books , exercising daily , writing letters making phone calls but none of it happens.

I just wake up have coffee and go to work then I drink to calm me down.

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We tease ourselves.

What the hell does that mean?

It’s good your feeling that motivation,. Even if your not doing it, your half way there. Feeling no motivation is the worst, I’ve been having that lately increased my Zoloft hoping that will help. Are you drinking so much Coffee you can only calm down with alcohol? I’ve been there ended, up stopping my caffeine at noon and quite drinking. Keeps my mood more stable and think the AP’s work better without the alcohol. Still crave a beer now and then, but I have found to many reasons to quit,so I think I’m done for good.

How did you quit drinking. I find it makes me feel normal, well balanced. But not doing what I would want to progress in life.

that’s what sarcosine is for

Honestly think I had a little help from above. Went into the hospital, found Christ there. Got out and when I got home I just felt like I didn’t need it anymore. My wife and I were drinking almost every night just to relieve stress never got crazy drunk. But we talked about it ,we were both feeling like we should quit. We both decided to quit, havent touched any in 6 years. I would suggest cutting down the caffeine so you don’t feel wired and need the alcohol to chill out.


Removing caffeine from my diet has been beneficial, and I was a 24-pack x2 a week Coca-Cola drinker. It’s ginger ale for me these days.


To me, getting excited about an idea and then not doing it is a way of teasing.

To answer your question, this is normal. It’s better than normal though, as you actually have the motivation to do stuff. It’s just that the stuff ain’t getting done.

The whole thing is called avolition.