Is this normal?

My new therapist volunteered to tell me that she works at a psychiatric hospital during our last telehealth session.

When I asked her what the name of the hospital was, she apologized and said that she can’t give out this kind of information.

WTF … does she feel that I could be dangerous because of my mental illness?

I don’t get it.

It’s not like she’s giving out information about where she lives.

I found it to be a bit odd.

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It is a little bit like that …

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I mean I already know the name of the hospital because it’s online on different sites.
It’s public knowledge.

Maybe because we are new to each other.

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I don’t think any mental health professional would be allowed to give that information out.

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that is kinda weird yea…
but maybe she just doesn’t want to talk about the place where she works.

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Yeah thanks @Brendalyn and @everhopeful @lekkerhondje

It was an innocent question on my part, but I fully understand.
It might have been out of bounds.

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I think it’s because the location is housing vulnerable people
Like even if you had been there it’s not okay
This is a dr / therapist vow to not reveal / harm for any reason type thing I am guessing

What do you mean @Three
I don’t understand your post.

No I reread it, I understand, thanks.

Yes you could be right.

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My mum used to work in a woman’s hostel for women escaping domestic violence
I think it comes under a similar bracket

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