Is this me i wondered

This could be whats wrong with me though.

I even saw the little guy in the picture during “psychosis”.

Holy ■■■■, i think im pretty much ■■■■■■ at this point, sorry for the language.

I wonder what i did to deserve this. Did I hurt someone or did someone hurt me. Just want peace although justice will never be.

i would have liked peace aswell but not now. now i want blood. if it was just me i would have made a deal but now i can’t bcoz of my kids and family. how i ever got into this mess is beyond me but there u go…such is life sometimes when arseholes enter ur life there’s not a whole lot u can do about it.

They tried to tell me i deserved it.

But i stopped paying a long long time ago, and the punishment no where near fit the crime.

Measure and mete, measure and mete, a harsh lesson to learn i should say, not a make believe judge on earth that could handle his or her own judgements, a very harsh lesson to learn.

It has however taught me to seek justice and not revenge, equal and opposite always, i only need to bypass my own nature.