Is this... luck or fate, or what?

I will copy paste the thing I wrote. And I deleted the part which is a bit connected to religion.
Maybe it will sound a bit… stupid for people who actually went through rapes, assaults or bad experiences. I am sending biggest hugs to them.:heart:

And I am asking… do you think it’s simply luck or what?
Because I still do question…

'While I was psychotic, I was not even a legal adult, and I was walking at late evenings or even nights in one of the most dangerous parts of the city. I say walking, because it really hapenned for more than 3 times. Maybe 10 times I was risking my own life.

It’s the dangerous part of the city because prostitution and drug addicts are kind of… easy seen here.

And never anything bad happened during those times. While sometimes I was wearing short dresses. One time for sure…

I am glad nothing bad happened… and sometimes I even was talking aloud with myself. Bad people should have noticed me.
But literally… nothing bad happened.
I still think about this very often

** I need to add that I always was alone here. ':confused:

Also during psychosis I didn’t care if the car would hit me. I simply didn’t cared about the red/green light sometimes. Also nothing happened

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Sorry for tons of posts these days :smiley:

It does sound like luck

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The danger of some areas is a bit overblown.

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Truth. In Lithuania there are not many dangerous places overall.

The worst years in my country were 90’s… after soviet occupation we became free (which is amazing thing) but new problems appeared. Like mafia and roberry

Now it’s way better

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My grandpa fled Lithuania when the Soviets invaded.

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I did some similar walks in sketchy neighbourhoods when psychotic.

Its just luck that nothing bad happened.

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Being lucky is an awesome thing

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Best not to push your luck tho lol



If you see a vato wearing a dirty white shirt, and riding a kid’s bike run the other way.

:joy: :running_man:


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