Is this little symptom worth going to pdoc for?

Making mistakes at work. I’m guessing my concentration is declining. I’m making some mistakes like counting 108 envelopes instead of 88 but I feel like I am in my own world 90 percent of the time. Like when I was walking outside partly felt like I wasn’t even in this world. Things not felt real.

Is this psychosis warning signs or bipolar

Sounds stress related. Are you working long hours? Do you sleep enough?

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That’s the way I am. It hindered my ability to work. Maybe, if you could afford it, you could talk to a pdoc about it, but it’s not an emergency.

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For me that’s a warning sign that I’m under too much stress. I see my pdoc really regularly so I would just mention at my next visit, but if you don’t go often you might want to go and let him/her know. It could be dissociation or psychosis, I’m not sure.

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I work 20 hours a week , 4 hours a day. It’s mega easy job.

NHS is free thankfully.

Yeah I made a gp appointment to see what he says. :heart:

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I’m getting ear discomfort too.

Ah okay, probably a small amount of stress. Is it repetitive work ? Do you daydream ? Do you get breaks ?

Depersonalisation? Derealisation ?

When I get into my own world for long periods of time, it usually precedes a hospital stay. But that doesn’t mean you’re like that so don’t worry. Do you drink coffee? I used to have a cup at work when I had trouble focusing in a good way.

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