Is this in anyway plausible?

I started hearing voices a few months back or not.
I challenged voices by making fun of their existance them like not giving in to their demands and cursing them.
They strike back by threatening to kill me and my family.
Keep in mind they say they have something on three of my family members and myself from hacking them and me.
Other things:
A guy stays outside talking about me for 18+ hours straight everyday talking about embarrassing things of my personal life. Gives away hacked passwords and tells people just passing by about what I do all day (stay at home in one room most of the day). They have microphones (hacked android) that can pick up a pin drop.
They can see and hear what’s going on in my mind.
I can hear my voice come from a spot in the upstairs hackers room electronically reverberating back to me.

They say that I better get out of this room I’m in for the majority of most days or they will kill my brother(s) leak passwords or call the police to reveal hacked information about one or all of us.
They say that I’m not supposed to eat food in their “house” because they have mics that they don’t want to turn off (I have intestinal gas not farts) that the mic can pick up even the sounds that are under 2 decibels.

They talk bad about me “all” day even while I’m sleep and have nothing good to say. I’m constantly berated by the neighbors insults like: “you stink” (intestinal gas) “get a job” “you’re a fat a$$” "small dic* “ugly” “bitc* a$$” “dumb a$$” “you’re stinking up the whole building” “■■■”

They threatened to shoot me in the bathroom (they hate when I go to the bathroom).

They follow me around everywhere including the bathroom (shower number 1&2) where they insult me and threaten me.

They shared the hack with others so now I’m being spied on by others not just the “close” neighbors.

They talk to me through the walls and never contacted me or my roommate directly with a note or a knock about the problems they have with us.

They have hidden cameras all over the apartment which they sometimes deny but slip up other times.

They only contact me and not my roommate through the walls.

Does this sound like actual reality?

It could be that you suffer from schizophrenia. Have you been diagnosed by a psychiatrist ?

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Welcome to the forum, thats similar to what happened to me except i was the camera they watched everything i watched they threatened to kill me when i went to a store once i also thought they communicated with my family because i heard my family members commenting too they said i should never talk to someone about them or else they will make sure i get locked in prison or the asylum i coudnt take it anymore and said it i got medicated and its not happening anymore.

No it doesn’t. You sound very paranoid and delusional.

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I agree with @anon21849028 , you do indeed sound very paranoid and delusional. You sound like you are going through some psychosis and I would recommend you get some professional help as soon as possible. You probably need to be on meds. It’s no fun being psychotic (trust me I know), and it can get dangerous when extreme psychosis is left unchecked.

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It’s psychosis of some sort. You need medical treatment. The sooner the treatment, the better your prognosis.

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Sounds similar to what I went through

welcome to the forum!

prob not completely huh…

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