Is this illegal? hiding resources

so basically i want to go culinary school. i will have to move and rent an apartment when i do. so anyway i was thinking i would use up my 9 month trial work period, work full time and then give all my money to dad, so i don’t lose my medicaid, and then i would go to culinary school, rent an apartment, and let dad pay my rent on my apartment with the money i gave him.

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if i would have been diagnosed a year earlier i would have been able to open an ABLE account and pay for education and not lose my medicaid.

I think that one of the questions that medicaid asks you is about making gifts. I found this article that might be relevant:

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Whether or not you could get away with it might be a different story. IDK. But it is probably illegal to hide your assets that way without notifying medicaid.

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i feel like my doctor has me in a poverty trap, he’s got me on the most expensive meds, i can’t afford without gov’t assistance, if i go back to work i would lose my gov’t assistance and couldnt afford my meds.

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Yeah. That’s a real problem. Unfortunately, hiding your job pay is illegal and once they find out you have to pay back every cent they spent on you

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I meant to say assets not benefits. I edited my comment

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Can you get on disability? They gave me medicare when I got on disability. It’s not quite as good as medicaid but it’s pretty good. You have to then get a medicare part D plan and they cover most med costs. Once on disability you can work nine months with no penalty and then after that period you get another 36 months trial period.

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i am on disability, i also have medicare, but i didn’t know how much my meds would cost with just medicare, even then you only have it for 7 years once you start working and after that you have private insurance or something. i wish i could find a cheaper med that is effective and go back to work.

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I pay next to nothing for my meds with medicare part d

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It’s illegal. And you already know that or you wouldn’t be asking.

you still pay $130 a month though right for medicare?

No, I don’t have to pay anything because I qualified for the “extra help” program.


OMG! I can’t believe you would throw that in my face like that. I’m aware of that. Don’t you think I feel bad enough as it is. You’re a total jerk!


I believe they expanded eligability for ABLE accounts recently. Hang on, I will check.

You really need to see if there are any nonprofits to help guide seniors with medicare in your area. I got a lot of help applying for programs that covered both my medicare premiums and medicare part d premiums just by getting in contact with the right people. I could give you their numbers but they are local non profits, specific to Iowa.

Looks like the bill was introduced but hasn’t been passed yet.

You’ll probably need a lawyer to help you get things squared away

Going to school while on disability could land you in hot water. In the minds of the SSA if you can go to school then you can work.

It’s a hard ball world that’s for sure.

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