Is this fair?

when things were good, I was getting my check

plus working for $250 a week

plus money from my kids dad (still get it)

and my son’s SSI check when he was living here

now Phil is helping me out


i was in and out of the mental hospital last year and getting out of an abusive relationship + getting sober and i was helping pay the bills when i could through sex work at the time which my family pulled me away from doing. my sister took me in because she said she wanted to help me get better and stable, but if i don’t even have the funds to pick myself up and get into activities regularly and stuff i dont know where to start. i was told by a psychologist not to work or go to school again until im stable but having no control over my life makes me feel…not good. and i cant reach stability while im in a spot where i cant do anything for myself

i dont know if this makes sense? im just ranting i guess

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if you have cared for kids, you can probably care for the elderly

I’ve heard of some great live in caregiver positions

free room and board, plus pay

but you have to be available A LOT

and maybe you don’t want to be strapped down.


i wish i could live with my mom, she’d only take as much money as it’d cost for me to live with her. but she’s sick and her husband hates my guts so i can’t go back there lol

that actually sounds kind of nice but i’m not sure if i’d be able to get the job. i don’t have any actual work experience aside from volunteering at animal shelters

We all had to get our first job sometime. A lot of employers love to hire young, inexperienced people. If you don’t believe me, Google ‘ageism.’


it might also be worth noting my sister is like. an alcoholic. and her boyfriend is a pothead (which i dont have much of an issue with but i don’t want them overcharging me to fuel their nonsobrieties. especially when i just recently stopped using drugs myself) and they’re also both ex heavy drug users

they’re not thru a company just a clients personal ad

you might need references though maybe a teacher?

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like an old school teacher? my homelife is a bit of a mess. i was switching schools every couple of months til i eventually dropped out after 6th grade. i don’t even remember what schools i used to go to to be honest

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I think you should offer to pay $310. If you add up rent, electric, and internet, it is $930. There are three of you living there. Divide the total by 3, and you each pay &310


you are three
you have to pay about 900
the worst case you have to pay 300 usd

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310 sounds very fair to me. my sister told my mom she isn’t willing to negotiate but i’m going to try to talk to her anyway. i think paying almost half the bills between 3 people when i’m the only person who isn’t able to work to make a disposable income is very unfair. hopefully my sister will understand


thanks to everyone replying by the way. i really don’t know a lot about all this since i’m still only 18 and my family never really taught me much about it lol. i appreciate the help a lot :slight_smile:


Let us know how it goes!

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Well, the reality is life ain’t fair. I pay more than you in rent but I also get more. I guess your bills don’t include food.

I would pay the $400 but not a penny more and I would get it in writing.


my sister doesn’t care much about the price of my food since i undereat

we’re getting about a $20 raise in January

I know it’s not much, but it buys smokes (if your’e a smoker)

@softie Do you know what the total rent for the entire apartment is? I may have misunderstood but it sounds like you are sharing the apartment with two adults (your sister and her boyfriend) and your sister’s three kids.

Even if you have your own room in the apartment, you should only be paying a reasonable portion of the total rent/utilities/etc. since there are so many other people living in the apartment.

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I agree with this post. It sounds reasonable unless you babysit often. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment with my dad. The rent is 1,250 plus utilities. I pay 700 a month and am left with a little over 300. It is just enough to live on a monthly basis.


the full rent is $750 a month. its a 2 bedroom apartment on the third floor (my sister made herself a bedroom out of the living room area) the kids have the master bedroom and i have the secondary bedroom