Is this discrimination?

So last week I saw the emergence of some negative symptoms, although transitory, I informed one of the seniors at a organisation in which I have been training for the last 10 weeks for. Today, I was told that they would like to delay my start date. I have explained and conveyed what was cited by my medical team, in addition to the fact that the symptoms are no longer present and they have now told me that the start date will be reviewed in a few weeks. I now regret saying anything. I am now concerned that they will use this against me and may not offer a start date or continue to delay it. Am I being discriminated against?


That’s a tough one. It might be a tough one to prove too.
If they use your medical condition and the information you provided against you, I would say it’s discriminatory. If they suddenly refuse to hire you or delay you for an indeterminate period, I would look into your legal options. it’s against the law and if you handle it appropriately, they should be held accountable.


Prior to this, everything was fine and she told me today “it is just safety precautions”

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Don’t get too worried and act up prematurely. Maybe it’s just standard practice to hold off your start date or there are other factors, like a time line for filling positions or whatever.
I think you should just do the best you can with your training and try to be patient. It’s a good thing to ask appropriate questions at the right time, there’s no harm and it shows you are ready to work and have a little initiative.
Maybe just see what happens. :roll_eyes:
I hope this works out for you @Qwerty1.


Thank you for taking the time to convey your thoughts @eighteyedspy23


Hope things would work out ok @Qwerty1. Please keep us posted.


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