Is this delusional?

“Let us turn directly to the inner experience of shame. To feel shame is to feel SEEN in a painfully diminished sense. The self exposed both to itself and to anyone else present. Contained in the experience of shame is the piercing awareness of ourselves as fundamentally deficient in some vital way as a human being. to live with shame is to experience the very essence of self as wanting…The binding effect of shame involves the whole self. Sustained eye contact with others becomes intolerable. The head is hung. And speech is silenced. Exposure itself eradicates the words, thereby causing shame to be almost incommunicable to otehrs. Feeling exposed opens the self to painful inner scrutiny. It is as though the eyes inexplicably turn inward. We are suddenly watching ourselves, scrutinizing critically the minutest detail of our being…Yet it seems to us instead the people around us who are watching and seeing into our very souls, finding us lacking, insufficient.”…Gershen Kaufman

(Anyhow this hits the nail on the head how I feel but it is not a defn of sz, but of shame I feel regarding it’s stigma.)


Sounds like how I feel because of low self esteem.

Maybe it’s my self esteem then really? I’ll keep reading and taking a break from the net. Hey thanks.

This is how I feel when people who know what I have treat me as some sort of leper or leech. Thanks for sharing.

i feel shame but i look inside myself and see something very small but beautiful, a tiny flower trying to grow in the dark.
take care

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Thanks I finished the book, had a good day, went to class, nothing upset me today, I ate soup and salads nothing fattening, found some good sales at the grocery store. I want a weight loss book next but not Dr. phil or Oz or any of those.