Is this delusional in Kansas City?

I was diagnosed with schizo-affective after a bought of insomnia from PTSD ended with a nervous breakdown 10 years ago. Medication never relieved the auditory hallucinations but I could always live alone, work part-time and even go to school. I took enough of the meds as agreed by my pdoc to help me sleep and keep away depression. I had social problems after the nervous breakdown with strangers doing thought broadcasting and some stalking from old group of trouble makers/their other bullies. The doctor told me to ignore this delusion of reference about the people who were not self-directed or doing gang stalking.

I decided to move 2 years ago to new city a couple of hours away for better life and distance from old problems. The social problems from thought broadcasting were MUCH more aggressive in this new city…So many of the poor people are talking crazy, it is really upsetting. The professionals take a little longer but they are NUTS – A coworker even told me I needed to work in a fast food or retail job and not in an office because he didn’t want to deal with THIS. I never discussed anything about my old abusers, my diagnosis or my other income from SSDI. He made such bad threats about getting my SSDI canceled while tolerating this $8.50 an hour job, I ran out of there.

I ran this problem plus my diagnosis by a lady at the hair salon - She said, ‘This place will be really embarrassing for you.’

As a result of the move, I had to find new mental care and was horrified at the small number of mental care practioners in this city. When I finally found an okay doctor, I explained what caused my nervous breakdown and my daily functioning. She acted like she was senile so I had to explain the former a couple more times – doctor is old lady. A couple of times, I asked why so many people in this city acted like something was wrong with them and what I should do a couple of times. Finally, she asked me if this was something wrong with me? She also said if I’m still here at time for the next appointment, I’m still welcome to see her.

I also hate to admit it but some of the old abusers were able to find me for sight-seeing purposes & to be seen driving past my place TOO MUCH but I ignored them. The abusers/old problems are still really angry with me, complaining through the cops…other people they scared have been bothered for 30 years and some are now nutty stalkers for the group.

I went to my college class later that day after OFF pdoc appointment. This school was the whole reason I moved ON MY CREDIT CARDS to this new city to find a school with up to date program on this subject. First, school canceled my student loan after one semester because I had a Bachelor’s degree and paid cash for a few classes along the way when things were going right. Second, my financial aid and scholarship were canceled with NO WAY TO MAINTAIN MY ENROLLMENT so I enrolled FT this semester. Last semester paid for on my credit card, I tolerated a group of roving students who would sit outside the classroom talking loudly much of the time in parrot-fashion with my thoughts not related to the class. This semester, I had 20 different students out of 40 people in a class talking crazy and insults during the lecture…two other students walked out of the room and left when the instructor turned around…In a short while, the instructor asked me if I would steal his stuff if he turned around .I did not stay longer as the instructor’s personality was offensive too and the subject too dumbed down to even bother myself with completing. (Previous semester, another instructor said he was sued by a student for mistreatment when the student did not report a disability to the college handicap services…he just giggled like a fiend but otherwise class was okay except for hallway noise.)

You know, I’m an old weary lady of 40 years who worked full-time a long time successfully. This was my only source of respect due to an abusive family…my father started working at 12 so he could get himself and grandma away from his boxing drunk dad. My father didn’t manage it until he was 16 and went to school beat up for the last time. Finally understanding, a teacher asked the principal to hire him as a janitor and he and grandma finally got away from the drunken beatings by my grandfather. Having to go on SSDI following a nervous breakdown is the worst thing that could happen to me with a family like this as my father got the same temper and I could not get away until my early 20s.

So, did anyone else find a city like this during your lifetime? Are things better in other cities? Way back, other people said this city was too hard on people with mental illness…others report same crap, waited for lease to run out sitting at home and ran off as soon as free of it.

So many poor people are spastic at Walmart & fast food places and professionals are mentally unstable/crazy towards me in a couple of weeks here. This place really scared other people badly.