Is this creepy?

I want to contact my school “friends” from years ago to see where they are in life. Is this creepy?

No, not creepy, but could end up being depressing.

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It’s not creepy, but I agree it can be depressing. Most probably are married with children, or already divorced, or single and desperate like me :smile: Jk, I’m not desperate

No not at all. I wish i could contact my high school friends. We were super close. But then i lost my mind attempted on my life a few times and said some really harsh things to them. So at this point i don’t find there is any way to make it possible. But u should definitely contact past friends thats a pretty cool thing to do and i think they’d enjoy it.

It’s not creepy at all. Checking on your high school class mates is practically an institution in the US. They have “class reunions” where all the people from a class who want to can come and see how the others did. They had a twenty year reunion for my class in 1997. I didn’t bother to go. High school was a nightmare for me, and I don’t like remembering it.

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Maybe lol it depends on tge way you make contact…if you appear in their living room stroking a white cat holding a pistol thsts creepy…but pretty much any other way is not…so probably no you will be fine…lol

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Depends on how close you were. I wouldn’t say it’s creepy but it might be a little inappropriate to call people you haven’t seen in years out of the blue and ask them for personal information. It might make them uncomfortable. But I may be totally wrong.

…i wouldn’t know, as of November all the people i was close to in high school are all dead…except my best friend…but i have contact with him every day.

on a side note, why is it so hard to sleep when you are in a really comfortable hospital bed, even when they give you a strong sedative?