Is this bad what do you forum peeps think?

I feel like my bf, if I get one in the future, is like kind of my other half, like they complete me, kind of.

Idk, it just kind of feels like that but somehow it feels like maybe I am thinking about it in an unhealthy way

like relying on someone else so much for my wellbeing that I see them sort of as my other half?

How do you view your partners?

I kind of wish that I could feel ok with just the idea of what if it is just me no ‘other half’

but, maybe it is not bad to think of it like that, but maybe it is?

My husband completes me. He’s truly my other half


I have bad luck when it comes into relationships so dont get my hopes to high on finding a partner i just focus on other things.


do you rely on him as a source of motivation and comfort and wellbeing, like your major source. is it ok to think like that?

like it is not being over reliant on another person as oppose to being ‘content with oneself as oneself’?

Not my major source, but he does help me in that way.

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Hmmm… I’m not sure… my husband def completes me… but he is away so much that I wouldn’t say he is my main source of comfort or well being… and he isn’t my source for motivation either. Like I wanna lose weight for him… but it doesn’t really motivate me more😂 but when he is around he is def my main source of comfort.

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I feel the same. I dream of having a partner one day but here I am not losing any weight lol.

Maybe one day.

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Well honestly I don’t think you should have to lose weight to find a partner… I mean if it’s really making you that uncomfortable, then sure! But I met my husband at 185 pounds… and he still accepted me.


I feel very guilty being overweight it is just a personal thing. i would not wanna go into a relationship feeling like that.

I feel like I can do it, it is just taking some time, so since I can I should

if it ends up that I really can’t then fair enough

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I feel you… you need to get to a point that you accept yourself too🙂

I wish you luck in losing weight!!

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Thanks, you too Human… You can do it, just take your time if need be :blush:

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Find a dude who works hard and makes you laugh.

You’ll always have some cash and a positive attitude in the relationship.


I don’t think it’s bad at all.

The idea of a relationship is to bring out the best of both yourself and the other person involved, so it only makes sense to expect something from it.

Otherwise we’re all fine just being single,

So no, you are being fair


I’ve been thinking about it. I suppose it’s OK if I never find a bf. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming that I do. Haha.

Idk I have other sources of motivation too but I feel like my fundamental source is first looking after myself, then having relationships then doing things like volunteering.

thought of this song, day dreaming.

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