Is this apart of the type of schizophrenia I have?

Recently I was diagnosed with hebephrenic schizophrenia. I’ve been having symptoms I would say for about a year or 2 now (maybe more but I can’t think straight currently). My thought has been hazzy, foggy and just, really hard to reach. I can’t say things I want to say, and it’s embarrassing to forget what you’re saying mid sentence, and a lot of the time it does feel like a demon or some sort of alien force is holding my thought back. I ramble a lot in real life and takes ages to write things down so I don’t get harsh comments on the internet, as I am writing this I am hesitating to post incase I get hate, it’s a constant fear. Anyway, is this a symptom of schizophrenia and if so is it negative or positive. I’m not quite sure and yes I have googled it but I just can’t grasp it just yet. Thank you, sorry if this is a stupid question.


You should have more confidence in yourself, what you wrote sounded fine. I think what you’re describing is disorganized speech. It’s a positive symptom of sz. I’m not familiar with hebephrenic sz. But I’ve found a lot of support on this site. It’s a great group of people that you can pretty much say anything to. I hope things get better for you. :sunny:

Forgetting what you’re saying/thinking mid sentence sux. Happens to me all the time. It’s like my thought is made of mist/fog and it just dissipates. I too wondered whether it was a positive or negative symptom and only ever got conflicting answers. I guess the truth is that not enough is known about it to determine what category symptom it is.

Oh, BTW, the symptom you are talking about is called Thought Blocking.

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It seems hebephrenic is also known as disorganized schizophrenia. My guess would be that yes it is part of this type to have disorganized thoughts. No question is a stupid question.

Perhaps this will help. When thinking about positive and negative don’t think of it is good or bad but more or less then average. Example hallucinations, delusions, voices are considered positive as they are more then the average person sees, hears, feels or believes.

I think we all go through this at some point. I’m glad you got the courage to make this post. I don’t talk nearly as well as I write. I loose what I say in the middle of a sentence and then I end up repeating the last word over and over sometimes in a vain hope to get the word back. It is embarrassing. But start small and work up.

A few posts here, a few more there, and little by little I hope you find it might start to get easier for you.

I’ve had therapy for this and gotten help on how to talk better, but if I’m tired… it’s right back to word salad and racing racing thoughts and loosing the words right out of my head.

You won’t get any hate here. We all have different acts in our head circus, but it’s a head circus none the less.

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For years I had the problem of not being able to talk good around non-mentally ill. Because I would think of 4 or 5 things to say and always pick the last one and worst one. I’ve also been over medicated and really slowed my thinking down. Theres a lot of people her that have difficulty in socializing but are great at it, like yourself, when typing.

i just wanted to say what you wrote was fine , you should not be so hard on your self .
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