Is this an eating disorder?

Hello forum dwellers.

I have a question before I approach the treatment team next week

Is it an eating disorder if:

  • You weigh yourself twice a day and record it in Excel
  • Eat only low calorie foods - except for 1 take away every two weeks
  • Burn 1,000 calories a day at work and gym swimming
  • Refuse medication due to weight gain issues

Not sure if this qualifies, and I know if I ask Google it will turn into a lot of research and it has been a long enough day as it is…

Added: I have gone from 96 to 68 kilos in a year and don’t want to ruin this. I think it’s a natural thing to feel this way

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If you’re getting less than 1500 calories a day it’s probably an eating disorder.

If you’re getting more than 1500 calories a day, it’s just an unhealthy obsession.

Yea im pretty sure, you might have a problem. Your too worried about losing weight you need to eat properly and take medications too.