Is this a tactile hallucination?

So I get this annoying sensation when I get hot now. Not sure if it’s a hallucination or a physical thing. But it feels like tiny bugs are biting me ALL over my body, like a painful nd itchy pens and needles type of thing. I’ve tried looking it up but didn’t find any explanation that could really match. I know I have some type of chronic pain issue, not diagnosed but fibromyalgia seems like what I experience. Any ideas?

I’m not sure. My brother getsi itchy when he gets hot, so idk if it’s a reaction to the heat or what. It may be worth getting checked by your gp, just in case. However, there are quite a few people on the forum with tactiles, so hopefully one of them will have some advice for you. Hang in there!

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Sounds like fibro. I supposedly have that along with psoriatic arthritis. Even if it is tactile hallucinations, it is manifesting in a real experience.

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I don’t get a rash though! So I’m not sure if it’s that, more likely related to fibro if it’s physical

sweat irritation 22

I get tactiles. When bugs crawl and bite me I look and there’s no bite. My husband confirms this. I also think it could be a sweat rash.

it sounds a bit like formication (the sensations of insects crawling and biting the skin). I’ve had it a few times.

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