Is this a symptom?

At night i get confused. New for me as of 7 months ago. I wake up and look around and for example will look at the calendar and i feel like it has significant meaning to me, or that something horrid will happen because of its presence/what its trying to tell me.

Often i brush it off as nothing during the day because i cant understand these thoughts when im out of the confused state.

My thoughts are literally out of this world at night and i fail to even describe them now.

If this is a symptom, whats it called?

It’s called “delusions of reference”. But I’m not a doctor.

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I think it may be more of a delusion of control.

@anon99233869 This is a good place to reference if you feel you may be having delusions.


Thanks @brandotron for the link, ill read this over right away. Appreciate it

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