Is this a signification that i am truly asexual?

I discovered that am able to successfully masturbate while looking at a mirror. It’ was weird when i discovered this thing. Could it be that i am truly asexual? When i do the deed to my reflection rather than porn, I emit larger discharge. So?

i think you need help lol

haha ewww 151515

Masturbation doesn’t exclude you from being asexual. Asexuality can mean you just don’t desire sex with any actual people. That’s separate from masturbation.

Masturbating in the mirror is a fetish. I used to write web content for a guy that did this and then kicked his ejaculate off the mirror. Not my thing but he seemed to be happy. He wanted to tell the world about it. Kink makes some folks very happy. I say whatever trips your trigger.

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