Is this a sign of schizophrenia

i read in another forum that someone who swap there religion multiple times is a symptom Of Schizophrenia
i swap my faith around over and over one minute am fallowing Jesus next am believing in something else
Some times i feel like people are watching me controlling everything i do for there fun getting me more and more confused

i have to do something to stop this am unsure when i see my psych next i need to call them
i am on medication for OCD , Depression , and Voices etc
none of the medication i have tried have worked for me at all
my psych just tells me to see my therapist about it as the medication cant do everything
i need to try hearing voices groups and listen to music etc

the people who control me want me to die after they finished having there fun with me

maybe the psych is playing games
yes the psych is the one playing games
must do something about that

I bounce like a ball many people do not necessarily schizophrenia.

oh ok …thanks anyway

Sounds like you could definitely use an evaluation - and some help. There are many medications that can help a great deal - but you need to talk with someone who is familiar with psychosis or schizophrenia.

I recommend you call this center - and if you don’t live in London - just ask for them to recommend a center (an early psychosis evaluation center) close to where you live:

HOpe that helps. Call them tomorrow (or today if you get this message before things close).

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Thank you for the link.
I see the crisis team some times when am ill other times i call them
they tell me to take extra medication which i take then if that hasn’t helped they say i must distract myself i think the crisis team that’s playing games with me they do that to other people as well to get a reaction see how long they can suffer for give out medication that don’t help

Bouncing religion to religion, you could just be indicisive or have trouble fitting in or don’t know where you belong yet. At one point, I used to be interested in Islam, though I’m a Christian. Maybe you just want to learn about everything and you don’t really know that, we don’t know.

Take SzAdmin’s advice and get evaluated. Hope you get it figured out soon.