Is this a rational thought

no its not rational. Seems like youre having REALLY bad delusions. I would get some help. Once you get some help and get some sleep youll look back and wonder why you ever thought such a thing

No I was just wondering if it is rational.

Definitely not rational

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It doesn’t sound rational to me.

Hi @Cragger , suppose you think everyone is out to get you or that everyone hates you. Ask yourself the question (again and again over time) “how do I know that?” “Is it true?”. Or suppose you think numbers on license plates or signs are sending secret messages to you. Ask yourself, “how can that be true?” “How could it be done and coordinated? Is that reasonable?” Or suppose you saw the devil inside your refrigerator. Ask yourself “could that be true?” Etc. Just keep asking questions about your sense of reality and over time, with meds, you will develop more and more insight as your brain heals itself. Soon… No more psychosis, no more acute stage. It worked for me!

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Thanks for taking the time @Unclehenry . I’m doing pretty good now, the worst is behind me. Thanks for the questions, another tool in the Box

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You will have to come to your own conclusion. To become a dictator and run a country takes a great deal of skills. Kim Jongs iq is very high. So ask yourself honestly do I have the skills to replace him and to run a country?

They wouldn’t make me run the country. They would just plot me in certain places so while I’m walking them seeing me walking looking physically like the current dictator gives them the approval to assassinate people. I’m scared I would be responsible for murder then.

If you’ve been diagnosed then you know you can have irrational thoughts. So based on that I would be assuming that this is also another irrational thought. Just let it pass

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Are you taking antipsychotic? If yes what dosage of which medicine are you on?

Prolixin not sure the amount. I take trileptal too.

No, your delusion does not sound rational but I have a chronic delusion that is just as bizarre.

What’s yours? 15

I think I am in a brain and human behavior study. It’s a Truman Show delusion. I think I am being watched 24/7/365 by a team of brain scientists who can impact my brain. I also think I am connected to the universe and I am an epic savant with gifts that are hidden from me. It is quite complex and detailed. I have had it since I had my first episode 6 years ago.

Do you think mine is a delusion?

I’m not in a position to say who is delusional and who isn’t. One of the best therapists I ever had said “I can’t say if you are in a brain study or not because I don’t know for a fact.” So, I feel the same way. It’s highly probable, based on available evidence, that we are both delusional but I can’t say that for a fact.

That sucks for me because in my delusion, I go to hell.

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I have had a very powerful delusion like that before too but it went away. I’m sorry you are having those thoughts/feelings. I wish I could help.

What was it like? Can you describe the delusion?

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I was in the hospital at the time and I was sitting by myself and I had a very powerful inserted communication come over me that my 2 kids hated me and were sending me to Hell. It was so powerful that I pee’d my pants in terror. Then they realized they were mistaken and desperately wanted my forgiveness, which I gave to them. I have not had any more delusions about going to Hell, thank God. Do you fear going to Hell every day?