Is this a mal adaption?

First, I need to say I have worked with animals(dogs inparticular) for over 20 yrs. That is 8hrs a day, 6 days a weeks.

I think I have crossed over to their way of communicating to the point of no return. This is because I have spent so much time with them??

In comparison, I spend/spent very little time with other people. Even as a kid, I had no friends and still dont. I dont spend much time with family. Most of my interaction with others is very negative or ends badly.

I believe myself to be very fluent in their first language (body language). In all that time, even working with very aggressive dogs, I have not been bitten.

I can see what they feel and say. and I can adjust my own body lanuage in a way that they understand and this kind of speaks back to them.

I dont think I know fluent non-verbal human communication anymore, if I ever did in the first place.

Do you think this is mal adaption?
maybe not an unusual beleif as it is truth, but there is no better catagory to place it.

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I don’t know but what you write reminds me of autism and Temple Gradin’s book, “Thinking in Pictures.” She also does a TED talk.

Autism - it would exsplian a lot. lol

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