Is this a kind of psychosis or low self esteem?

I had a symptom that I wanted to share,today at work someone saw me using a alienware laptop(it’s a expensive kind of laptop)and when he asked me if this is my laptop,I said it’s my brother ones(I am always ashamed that if somebody sees I uses expensive things)
Like whenever I sit on my dad’s car,which is a expensive car(in Malaysia)but very common in singapore or United States,i keep thinking people looking at me and I feel ashamed in a bad/psychotic/neurotic way…

I am defitnetly not here to show off how rich my family is because we are only average and impossible to be consider rich,even if you say I am rich,it’s not even my money,it’s my parents,but I just wanted someone to comment what’s wrong with me of these awkward thinking?is this delusion/psychosis or is it low self esteem,please do comment

Addon:it’s a feeling of proud,let’s not say finance wise,I put in a lot if effort to keep my body fit,like I run 4km daily,300 push up,50 pull up,got a nice chest but I am so anxious of taking off my shirt that I feel people are judging my body or like everyone around is looking at me and my body which is defitnetly not true,what’s these?disordered thinking?i think I might need more antipsychotic

Do you ever had these kind of problem?and not able to feel proud?

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I can’t believe you can work out like that if you are on anti-psychotic medication. I used to work out, but that ended when I was put on an anti-psych. I think low self esteem plays a major role in psychosis. Hallucinations are a manifestation of something about yourself that you can’t deal with.

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if you are a Muslim, these are teaches of Islam that basically is don’t show off yourself anyway.

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I think it may be low self esteem. It sounds like you don’t want to draw any extra attention towards yourself. By the way I got my son an alienware laptop. I don’t get all the fuse but I do acknowledge that it is a cool looking laptop :wink:

Maybe try reassuring yourself that it is ok to have these things or to be in them or using them. You deserve good things in life too.

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I might be off the page with this one… but it sounds like you are proud of your work out plan and that to me is a very healthy thing… Because to me it looks like you are proud of what you do… not proud of what your parents have.

You have no control over what your parents own and get for you so I could understand why you might be shy about that.

But your very open about your work out, and what you have overcome… which is something in your control. I didn’t see it as psychosis or low self esteem.

I was just seeing it as… You are proud of what you can do… not so much proud of what your parents possess. It made perfect sense to me.