Is this a delusion?

I believe a psychologist I seen was out to get me by purposely assessing me as lacking capacity with my finances. I tell my community nurse all the time I have capacity but because the psychologist was out to get me she wrote different. Is this a delusion? This psychologist is Head psychologist so why would she be out to get me?

No one is out to get you and it doesn’t appear that you’re hurting even not being in control of your finances.


Can you get a lawyer? That doesn’t sound right. Are you in debt? Do you pay your bills on time?

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I doubt she’s out to get you.

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I have to go to court and prove to a judge I have capacity. its called Court of Protection here in the UK. I’m not in debt, I pay my personal credit card every month.

I’m also on a community treatment order which means I have court ordered to have this injection. My pdoc told me two years ago that if I continue taking the injection for two years he’ll take me off the CTO. Two years have gone and he asked me if I would take oral meds instead of the injection and I said no, I will take neither - hence him renewing the CTO again. Over 10 years now I’ve been on it with forced injections. I’m not considered dangerous to other people.


once you’re declared insane, you basically cant convince anyone you’re sane again.


I was on court-ordered treatment here in the US for the last few years, basically outpatient commitment after a stint in the state hospital. I had to get haldol and abilify monthly injections. I had to PROVE myself to be responsible with oral meds for a while before they’d quit the injections…in my case that meant staying on oral meds for a long time without overdosing on them. Once I proved myself reliable, I had more of a say in which meds I would or wouldn’t take. I finally got on the clozapine, been on it now a year and a half, doing fairly well. I handle my own finances and live in my own apartment…but what’s most important is that my providers respect my ability to make suggestions regarding my own treatment, and now they have really made me feel like a part of a team.

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@bobbilly Maybe its good for someone to watch your finances for you.

Sorry, but once they question your capacity that’s a rocky road…

My case worker has being bringing this up with me recently, and I am worried

It’s a very hard thing to get out of once they start talking like that

I am not surprised they reinstated your CTO if you refused meds altogether

You have gone right down the rabbit hole with that one I’m afraid.

Maybe if you want to be med free in the future it could happen, but you need to get out of your situation first

You can, but it takes a LOT of effort.

Singing songs at your caregivers for 6 hours doesn’t suggest capacity.

Forcing them to watch dumb tv shows doesn’t show capacity.

Threatening to run away when you don’t get your way doesn’t show capacity.

And that’s just 3 examples from your recent behavior. If you want to be considered as having any capacity, i suggest wirking on your behavior.


Here’s the latest example you posted in a different topic:

You lack capacity. They should not even be giving you the amount they do as you obviously mishandle it.

people do silly things with their money all the time. I did a silly thing, doesn’t mean I lack capacity.

When I’m excited I’m almost at bursting point so makes these high pitched squeals sounds by breathing in and squealing. I can’t help it, been doing it since I was a little kid and I do them without realising. Now we have a new staff member who wears airing aids things she can tell me to stop doing it as I’m torturing her hearing. I think she needs to move.

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