Is this a completely catastrophic thing?

So I don’t even know where to begin.
Except me and this guy really like each other. He’s planning on moving from Colorado to New Orleans so he can be closer to me. We’ve had a pretty strange history but I always had a crush on him. He’s changed a lot over the years and we spend a lot of time playing video games together. Some days we would sit on skype for 8-10 hours a day and just talk to each other. Downside: He’s schizophrenic too.

Everything is telling me that this isn’t going to work. But another part of me says that at least we will understand each other.
Any thoughts? Should I get more committed or should I just have fun?

P.S: I used to date his old roommate so we have met in person more than a million times. Not dangerous, from my knowledge at least.

sounds good…he is also schizophrenic, and you have known him for a while in person…I am jealous!

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I just adore him so much. I don’t always understand what he’s talking about, but I think he could say the same about me.

That’s the beauty of two mentally ill people in love!


I’d say it’s not so much of a downside. You can relate to each other concerning the illness. You can support each other when one is feeling off. The hard part will come when you’re both feeling off at the same time.

My girlfriend is a schizophrenic. We have a great relationship and the schizophrenia doesn’t really present too much of a problem. We help each other take our meds and support each other when we’re going through a rough time. We also Skype constantly. :smile:

What video games do you play? I’m a long time gaming junkie.

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I just feel it’s a downside because my mom is always telling me I should find someone who is stable. But that scares me even more haha. To be honest, I think he is unmedicated but he is on disability and trying to find a job. So he can take care of himself. He’s just one of those people who runs a lot. He’s moved to like seven different states in the past couple of years. He also got overdosed on acid by some kind of hippie gang when he was in California so when I first met him he was really fried. Now he’s completely normal almost.

I play mostly RPGS, like dragon age and elder scrolls. I liked alice:madness returns because it was so visually pretty. A FPS I played and actually beat was the first Borderlands. I played Quake II when i was younger. Haha, there are way too many games out there. But the third dragon age is coming out in November and I can’t wait.

One thing, if he’s moving all that way to be closer to you then you really need to evaluate your relationship. Do you feel as strongly about it as he does? It would suck to move all that way only for things to not work out.

As for games, I’ve played a ton. I used to play Elder Scrolls Online. My main was a VR12 Breton Nightblade. I played the hell out of Quake 2, one of my favorite games ever.

Here’s a pic of my guy when he was VR3 I think. It’s on ESO Fashion.

As I understand you are quite young and my advice is that you do not commit yourself so early. It is good that you understand each other, which is great. Normal people often do not want to have anything to do with szs. I married too young as I understand now. You have the whole life ahead of you. You may ask again this:

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You really like that song, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes I’ve been dying to see him again. I had a crush on him when I was dating his roommate and I was always very protective over him because people would pick on him and try starting fights with him. (I used to basically live with a bunch of crust-punks and train hoppers – very unhealthy environment) Like I want to see him right now! I don’t want to get too sappy here, but he makes me feel normal and appreciated. I can tell the things he says to me are sincere. And I don’t have to worry about him glorifying my mental illness like my ex did. That was too much.

I got to level 46 on ESO. was a high elf templar :smiley:

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Yes, I like this song. I think that this question is very good for anybody who may start having a relationship or is having a relationship

That could just be a male/female thing, too. My wife is a neurotypical, but there are days when she gets talking about her interests (e.g. gardening) and she may as well be Speaking in Tongues™ so far as I’m concerned. :grin:

If being together brings you joy and comfort, that’s a very good sign indeed.


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As you live your life CarleyGee you see people coming and going, sometimes you get real love and that is when you have to take it, but then this love may die and you go on, here is a good song again:

My boyfriend has Bipolar disorder and has experienced voices. I love him with all of my heart. He tries to understand what I go through, but even though he doesn’t understand completely, he has an idea. I find it helps to date someone who also has a mental illness, but it depends how stable they are. It’s hard to be in a relationship with someone who is symptomatic. My boyfriend faithfully takes his meds and so do I. I’ve been the one unstable recently, but he is always there for me. Trust your heart, it will tell you what you truly want. :sunny:


IMHO, this will only work if you can respect each other – you need to understand how mental care work and how some other psychosis victims deal with being nuts. The part-time crazies follow orders from the voices to stalk and verbally harass new victims, then pressure increases to do worse to people - trespass, vandalism, take orders to date specific people to harm them (battery, serial cheater or financial abuser) and harass customers/coworkers plus scheme to ruin coworkers and work for customers. Some of the churches (non-denominational & pentacostal) advocate this of members even though it is usually just the verbal harassment of newer psychosis victims (peoples off their medications) and stalking them. This kind of behavior is very widespread in some cities due to church pressures – this is called gang stalking/thought broadcasting or cause stalking. A google and read on this area is essential. Next, you need to understand the mental care will NEVER admit this happens or offer any coping help except increasing medications…This is even called ‘delusional’ which causes the confused to go insane… If patient shows much frustration with staff or anger, he/she will be forced into the mental hospital at their own expense for months sometimes even acting normally…

So many things (like drug overdoses) or contact with groups of wealthy abusers cause psychotic episodes or nervous breakdowns. It can be damn difficult to keep the meds coming, roof over your head and work sometimes and there is NOTHING to keep these crazy people away from this man, no court in this country gives a damn and the cops are colder. If this man complains much to the cops about the gang stalking, he can be mental hospitaled for long periods for this too. It is better if he never owns much but the basics (even cars have been ruined by crooked auto mechanics who are crazy according to some on this chat board & I can confirm this). His belongings can be used as a weapon repeatedly to put him into a ton of debt. He will also run into EVERY CROOK in employment/business deals and weirdo. There is almost no protection from work harassment and no unemployment. It takes a year or two for an attorney to get any money out of the people who use their employment or business to harm someone so owner/employees will not experience psychosis. If he refuses to discuss his condition or any of the history of his psychotic break, he may be treated okay at work but some schizo people who wanted to work went from engineering jobs to ‘disabled folks’ work monitored by charities so they would be treated okay at work…Only the quiet ones or aggressive people at work who would mistreat someone remained ‘professionally employed’ after a nervous break…

A victim of schizo usually has to right himself as usually the therapy staff are no help, except interventionists for a suicide attempt or imminent homelessness because only social worker therapy is covered by most insurance. I cannot tell you if the man has straightened himself out…You only find this out after spending some time with him…He may act fine until he goes out in public and gets messed with by some of the community nuts, then he goes paranoid for a while, whiny and even acts out physically. He may be fine living in a new city but the community nuts in new city usually say hello just to remind someone who moves there; worse can start if he picks a fight with any of these or looks like an interesting person to mess with. Anyone who tried to stay in contact with the cause of the nervous/psychotic break, if a person/group is bragging about it, will be tortured long term. No contact with the cause, not talking about it much, no talking aloud to self or following orders from voices and victim may get a little relief from psychosis symptoms after a couple years…

Each case of schizo is so different due to cause, local community, quality of mental care & age of onset of symptoms for victim (determines functioning) so it is hard to say. Unfortunately, due to very bad mental care in some areas, your friend may think he is Napolean, Marvin the Martian or Jesus some of the time. There is just no telling how the stressed will react to anything until you hang out…

I will mention, I have seen more than one woman who was lured into situation with a guy who was ‘formerly psychotic’ who has put himself into remission from the voices somehow because he is now selling street drugs - especially if street drug use caused his psychotic start. Some of the women can be lured into living in one of these situations unknowingly then forced to assist with the illegal drug distribution from their housing & bullied by the gangster bosses. If you are moving cross country, you might let this cool off for a while then visit him on a long weekend first. It could save you a very big disaster. Your emotional rush will quickly cool I think so putting this off will be best thing for you to do. Tell him you took a second job to pay for a visit…If he offers to pay a ton for you to come visit him, you know something is wrong there.

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That sure is a lot to absorb. I think because of my own diagnosis of schizophrenia that I should be able to know and expect the worst. He doesn’t seem to experience many symptoms, or at least doesn’t express them to me yet, so I have no idea how things are going to end up. If he does end up moving here, I will visit him and see how things go. I’d like to take him into public to make sure he acts appropriately like you said. But I’m more interested in just spending time with him face to face since its been almost two years since I’ve seen him in person. From what he has told me, he only drinks a few beers every now and then and smokes weed. Both of us used to have heroin addictions and the like (thats what happens in that type of crowd -fkn crusties) and he was very different then. but even then, when he was fried from the hippie gang i still liked him and wanted to be around him. Even though I was dating his roommate I was constantly asking where he was or if people were trying to fight him, i would block his path and force him to go to his room. He never touched me though.

I remember he said something racist once when he was drunk, and one of my best friends choked him and then punched him. I seriously doubt she would approve of this relationship, especially considering I am half chickasaw and if he still has racist tendencies then it certainly won’t work out. but like I said, he’s changed A LOT. he hasn’t expressed anything negative to me and we’ve spent most every day of an entire month just talking to each other.

We will see how things turn out. I told him that as much as I wanted him to come here, that he should only do it if he truly wants to. Im sure he will say he does. But I don’t want to uproot him. Though I’m pretty sure he’s still sleeping under bridges right now.