Is this a common side affect?

So to be clear I’m on 400 MG of Seroquel XR, 20 MG Escitalopram (generic of Lexapro), .10 MG of Lorezapam and 2,000 units of prescription Vitamin D.

I’m used to having allergy problems, had them my whole life (thanks to the air quality of St. Louis Missouri) but lately I’ve been waking up more and more and with I guess nausea, (I also confuse which version of the word I should nausea or nauseated). And the past couple months I’ve thrown up at least twice because of allergies. Nothing solid, just a yellowish/clear liquid nothing unusual about the discharge. Just that my mom is worried because I’ve had it more frequently than I had in the past I guess. I don’t know I always had it but some reason she thinks its more…

What I was wondering is could allergies be a side affect of any of my medications? Because usually after I’ve thrown up I feel perfectly fine. It’s not like I have a cold or flu, and I don’t have diarrhea with this, just the nauseated stomach when I wake up in the mornings. Which I can kind of see relating it with medication because I take them before I go to bed but like I’ve said allergies aren’t new for me, I’ve always a small problem with them. I don’t think I need to go see a doctor because its nothing unusual, but my mom has me wondering is this happening more frequently, or is it that she’s just noticing it more frequently?

I would bring this up with your pdoc. They would be more informed. It may help to maybe have some crackers and a glass of water to slowly consume when you wake up. My stomach feels nauseous when it gets too empty for too long.

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You could be allergic to the meds also.
I would go to the doctor.**