Is there such a thing as a typing addiction?

When I worked in an office, my fave task was indexing docs: type, type, type. I tried to spend most of my time doing that. Nowadays, I still spend most of my day typing this or that. Is this a typing addiction? Or could it be an addiction to letters on the keyboard? I knew someone who told me he’d been diagnosed with a “numbers addiction,” among other things. I just wondered if anyone else here had any experience with being hooked on typing.

What do you think?

If there is I have it lol!

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(three finger types) Llhdlydupcpucupcypcypcpycupcpuoydoyclhclhcpucp

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I think I would call it a compulsion more than an addiction, but there probably is such a thing.


When I had a computer I used to love to type. I would take those tests all the time to see how fast I could type accurately. It gave me life.


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