Is there something more?

I believe combination of all mental illness’s make a normal brain.
And some brains get triggered towards a specific condition as per its exposure.

Is there something more ? Please let me know. Or am I wrong?

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When people say “the average person”, you will find that in fact there is no such thing as an average person. There is no such thing as an all round average person. It would be a statistical anomaly to ever find one.

Thus, when it comes to an average sz, or an average sza you may find some people share some of the characteristics, but not all. No one is exactly the same you see and the exact average sz person doesn’t exist, or average neurotypical either.

Normal, and if you mean by that “average”, is rather than a brain that isn’t affected by mental illness at all then truly that too doesn’t exist. That person just doesn’t exhibit the “average” sz reactions, but who knows what other thought patterns mimic the same thought patterns of a mentally ill person that they just don’t display in public.

What I am trying to say is that the average normal person doesn’t exist either as we are all unique and react differently to the world around us.

If you put an individual in the mentally ill category, then in that template it ticks several of the boxes, but not all, some other boxes will be ticked in another individual and some shared. The template is that this person is mentally ill, but different to another mentally ill person.

Some people are triggered by a certain trauma, whereas the same trauma to another may not affect them. The average normal example to this reaction is impossible to define in actuality. It just remains a statistical probability.


Thanks for the insight, made sense.


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