Is there new antipsychotics in development?

Other than iti-007 which will be available after at least 3-4 years from now for most of us …What are the other investigational Aps ?

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I think i would immigrate to be on iti-007

Seriously a low dose of a weight neutral med should do you some good.

Besides, Iti007 isn’t out till 2017-'18 right?

Do u have good insurance coverage? It might b kind of expensive.

I have medicare

You are a very negative person @eduvigis

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Check out rapastinel. It’s a proven antidepressant possibly working as an adjunct to or replacement for antipsychotics:

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How long for before this " Rapastinel" comes out?
Spirits are low today could use some good news on a new medication. Also Iti-007 should be out in a year and a half at the latest. That is according to the most recent article that I read. Not 3-4 years like somebody said earlier.