Is there meds that don’t make you fat?

I’m currently on abilify and clozapine and Abilify made me fat even though its advertised otherwise


Geodon is very weight neutral I’ve lost 35 pounds on it

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Caplyta latuda vraylar.

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I think only latuda is available here in Finland

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Geodon is zisprasidone in generic it’s an older drug. It should be available

oh ye that’s available too. My psych prescribed it once but I refused to take meds back then so I never took it

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Might be worth trying again. I’m very med resistant but it seems to work very well for me.

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Oh also Loxapine was good but I think there’s manufacturing shortages everywhere. I couldn’t keep getting it

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I’ve found from here we are all different and react differently to meds. I gained on risperdal and my function was poor. Got off to move to zyprexa…was worried because all I ever read was about the weight gain so moved to abilify. That really didn’t work out though I tried it for two years or so…back to zyprexa.

So. Moral of this story. I’d say it’s more about function than anything else. The weight gain might not be as severe if your more motivated and thinking better…That is my take on it.


Have your doctor checked your thyroid and vitamin d levels? Low and sub optimal thyroid hormones can cause poor metabolism.resulting in weight gain. It can also cause mental issues like irritability, unsteady mood, depression etc.

yes they are ok

If you can get actual values then it help be helpful as normal ranges is very wide (thyroid tsh normal .5 to 5.0 optimal .3 to 1.5, vitamin D normal 20 to 80 optimal 50 to 100) and most people require optimal level to feel better. This is especially true when expriencing metabolic issues like weight gain.

I think its the clozapine thats making you gain weight and not abilify.

Amisulpride is less likely to result in weight gain.

I gained weight before clozapine tho

Even on 25mg?..

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i dont know, im on capylta they say it doesnt make you gain weight i been losing weight slowly check it out.

I suggest you try exercise.

I’ve tried that but im too lazy for it

Try ziprasidone, it’s weight neutral according to many reliable studies, also dieting and exercising helps

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