Is there life after the damages from the illness on my body?

this illness marked me, damaged me. It damaged my body, my face… will be there a good life after this? Honestly, imagine what can do a 20 years depression…
I saw the post on if we can be attractive as fat too… no, I wont lose weight soon till I am bad in my head. I am in too much pain in order to think of my weight…
ill just pray that I ll get better faster cause I am already quite marked by all this :frowning: .

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I wouldnt worry about the damage pills do cause we have to die from something anyway. Important is that you feel good. I had a weight problem but my sz isnt so severe right now …and i was able to lower my dosage and with that my weight problem disappeared.

When you begin losing weight you usually have excess energy because your body begins to burn fat which was stored in case you get hungry. Hang in there Anna1. Sometimes the meds make us over eat and feel even more depressed when we are not eating because they affect levels of serotonin. I’d advise going for a walk.

dumb thread, sorry… the main is to feel better I know. its wanting too much to want to look fine having this illness. Ill take more care of myself if I feel better, that’s for sure. its natural to want to look fine but I have a bigger problem now I find… my illness is quite severe…

hello @Anna1 .
My illness is very severe , too.
I can’t work, I can’t study can’t do household chores.
So you see life is difficult.
Hang in there.
Try to recover.
My situation is very difficult, I don’t expect I’ll be able to recover unless/until a cure is developed.
However, I am not overweight , and I am in good physical shape.

yeah, mine is severe. I probably made my mistakes to isolate to this point so now I guess I am ultra depressed too. I feel like a psycho monster too sometimes but I try to avoid that thinking…
life is difficult for everybody, that’s for sure.
youll be fine, dont worry. good friends help too, family too. 2 or 3 of my friends never let me go in fact. Its me who isolates in fact but whatever…

I gained weight on antipsychotics. I started losing weight slowly but not enough to make a difference.

I recommend going to a support group. It feels good to know you’re not alone and to see other people who suffer from the same symptoms you’re suffering from. Also do therapy. Exercise. Go on a mini vacation… I am able to find pleasure in things and that was honestly a big part of my recovery. Do you think anything will bring you satisfaction…?

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Which antidepressant do you take @Anna1 ?

I am not on an antidepressant, @Sarad :confused: . Till now, they all made me more paranoid… But its true that I didn’t try all the ads… And you, do you take the abilify now? How is it going with?

I think you should try with some mild AD…low dosage…just to give you a flush of serotonine…
I stopped abilify week after i started bc it made ne sleepy and hungry.

yeah, I am always depressed, ill talk to my doc. But she is not good in finding the right meds. Maybe ill try something yes. I am emotionless sometimes, its tough to be like this…
and what are you on now sarad?

Is there life after the damages from the illness on my body?

Yes, Anna, there is life for you after the trauma of mental illness. There is a natural healing mechanism within you called neuroplasticity meaning your brain has the innate ability to rebuild your neural pathways and connexions between different parts of your brain which form memories, new experiences and most importantly resilience against mental illness. You may not always be aware that it is functioning and repairing your mind, but it is happening. For some people it occurs quickly, for others it takes longer. You have to trust your psychiatrist’s knowledge of the illness and take the medication you have been prescribed. After that do all you can to stay mentally active by pushing yourself to read, listen to music, follow current events around you, taste new kinds foods, etc to re-train your mind. It won’t happen overnight, of course, but take a little patience in your hand and courage in your heart and do your very best. Steadily, you can even lose weight too.

Yes, my doc was honest with me i find. She thinks that in my case it will be slower my recovery… i spent too much time in isolation so my character even changed and this is tough to heal. Ill have to rediscover the world which i lost twenty years ago… otherwise, i do all the things that you mentioned except going outside often. But maybe this will come too :slight_smile:.

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Constantly work to get better but take it slow, I would suggest. I wish you the best.