Is there anything wrong with you that you feel grateful for?

I just read something interesting about a girl who committed suicide because of her depression.

But that got me thinking I have so much to thank my illnesses for.

  1. While I wouldn’t call this an illness, I think that most people think that it is horrible and should be avoided at all cost. I have a little bit of Ausburgers in me. It’s on the autism spectrum and very highly functioning. I have nothing like a full blown case but I do have “indicators”. My new doctor (a diagnostic doctor was the one who diagnosed me and after a couple of years of a different school I was diagnosed with sz and depression) says there is something in there but he also agrees it isn’t full blown. My nephew has it and I can see the differences between us. And the similarities.
    My parents heard about the signs of autism on a radio program and thought it fit me to a T. If it wasn’t for this I would have never gotten the help I needed when the sz came around or for the depression. They sent be to a boarding school because of this. If it wasn’t for that school I would have never gotten help when the sz showed up.

  2. My depression. People seem to pick up that there is something odd about me. Whether it is the sz or the bipolar (I wasn’t diagnosed as bipolar till very, very recently, that’s why I said depression above. I don’t think that people key in as much on the hypo manic part) they can tell something is up. Depression is a good cover for the Ausburgers indicators and sz. I think that people have more prejudice against people with autism than sz. But I do not have very overt sz so maybe some people think I am making it up. I don’t know. But I know if I mention the Ausburgers indicators they seem very put off. Not as much with the sz.

  3. While I don’t think this is necessarily good the sz gives me something to go for I think. It lets me write. It gives me something to write about. I am working not on a memoir, I don’t have much to say about my life anyways, but on a story that shows sz in a more positive light. That we can be loving and that we aren’t all a bunch of serial killer psychos.It also gives me something to fight and fight for. Whenever I feel it swallowing me up, I think- I’ll show you ■■■■■■■. I’m going to be normal (as in have a happy life and a good job as far as most people do anyways). I’m going to do something if I can and if I can’t I won’t stop trying. So ■■■■ you bullies. When I get through and you have someone you need to deal with in your life you’ll see how hard I worked and how special my life is to me. At least when the depression isn’t kicking me in the head :wink:. And maybe you’re kids will know if you tell them about me that it is possible to get by.

  4. Sometime, because of all of this, I doubt my life will ever be boring.

Is there anything “wrong with you” that you feel grateful for? Even if it isn’t all the time.


If I survive this ■■■■ show and keep it up, good things will happen.

Other than that it sort of sucks. No it really sucks balls. Donkey balls. I have lots of things wrong with me, chronic scz is just the worst one.

I sometimes hate life but too many people believe in me. I am true to my word and I’ve said that I would not stop until I get a graduate degree and work as a mental health professional. Even then I won’t stop, I’ll just be where I want to be, working in a mental hospital with people like me who aren’t as strong as I am.

What’s wrong with me is that my case is very severe and chronic, I have a handful of comorbid disorders, and I never quit lifting weights and going to school no matter how insane I was. I’m resilient to a confusing degree. One of my friends last night said “you couldn’t tell left from right but you were in the weight room and in the classroom.”

I just want this to be over, by that I mean I want my schizophrenia gone. I’m on ten damn pills a day and still have screws in my head loose.

I guess I’m grateful for being strong. Physically and mentally. I always wanted a challenge, I was served one.


Extremely strong.@mortimermouse there is no way you can reduce a little of your meds,especially the psy ones?Ten pill is just insane,I am taking 3 pill each day only,but I am functioning average only

Your born a strong man,Mouse…

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I have been prescribed some really good medications, otherwise I think I would be suicidal.

awesome post man. you’re an inspiration for all us, well, for me anyway. got much of the same mentality from what I’ve deduced so far. Severely lacking in the social and psychical stuff though.

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Hi, as if one diagnosis wasn’t enough to live with… I hope you are surviving. Everyday I feel reminded of my deficiencies like greed, lust, envy and indifference…,… but all of us fall short of perfection in one way or another. It keeps me down to earth and demure! The burden I carry is schizophrenia and I can obsess and worry and moan at others. On the bright side I’m open, caring, honest and accessible.

It’s all interwoven… every piece of the puzzle has a reason for being…

Every piece has helped me develop… sort of like a picture…

I can not be who I am if I wasn’t who I was…