Is there anything in life you're craving or missing?

Im missing that motivation and drive to write or paint. I get it so rarely, then I have inspiration to paint, then a whole month or more can go by before i pick up a paintbrush again. My laptop is lying under my bed, I havent written in a long time.

No f***ing motivation!!! AAArrrggghhh!

Only thing I am motivated to do is look after hubby, cook, bake bread and pizza once a week, eat healthy vegetarian, and read books.

I guess thats a lot, but my life purpose (art and writing) is on standstill.


I crave hugs, cats ( not to eat!) , pasta and noodles 24/7.


I crave a woman to treat me as a man. I know there is this thing about equality and I’m okay with that but men and women are just different socially and emotionally and intellectually. That doesn’t mean there can’t be equal status though.

I crave being pain-free, the headaches and pressure persist day after day, and whenever the pain flares up my SZ symptoms flare up too.

I crave a higher income than what my disability benefit is providing. I am missing out on dividends that being a shareholder of certain stocks could earn me.

My memory. A sound mind

How would a woman who treats you as a man act, @anon1571434?

Shoot I don’t know. For starters if I need to focus on something she could yield to that. Or maybe sometimes if I’m upset, I don’t want to talk about it. I’d rather figure it out alone, silently. I understand that is asking alot of a girl to be in a relationship with someone though.

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I’m craving my move being done and over with… I’m craving a net positive money status… I’m craving a reasonable job that I can handle… I’m craving total freedom from my vices… I’m craving more insight into how to live a lifestyle that attains and maintains all those things…

Beyond that I spent a portion of the day contemplating the 5 year off purchase of land to camp on…

Where I’m moving things are considerably cheaper.

I’m craving a random run in with the girl who was most flirty with me this year. Just wound up thinking about it earlier… I’ll likely never see her again… and bleh bleh bleh…

I crave a lot of things…

Same here, eat, sleep and bowel movements. Lol

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I think you have a lot to offer, @anon1571434. All the best to you! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think I have a lot to offer myself at the moment.

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I miss liking to spend time with my family.


I miss liking being around people


A calm, pain-free mind free of racing thoughts. Success will stem from that.

I miss having hobbies like playing piano or reading. I miss being able to go out in public and not freak out. I miss being a kid.


I miss riding my unicorn thru the milkyway

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I like all of you right now


you spent it on weed? :slight_smile: