Is there anything in life you're craving or missing?

I’ve recently began to feel my life is missing enough warmth, sadness, and drama. Most days I just happily get by and just content myself in the scenery. Now I’m getting nostalgia about the rice patties and willow trees and being around my extended family in China. I’m missing crying and the challenge of hard work and fighting with my friends. I’m starting to crave a fuller, more taste filled life. I also miss having a challenge. Maybe going back to school next semester will fix that. Sorry I ramble too much. Do you feel like your life has a void that needs to be filled? Maybe with people, new emotions, a job, etc?


Sounds like you’re recovering to be honest. The first step is having desires. I kind of lack desires.

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Huh being mentally ill has never caused me to have desire problems. Yes I’ve slowly been recovering and am a lot better off than I was this time last year. Loosing negative symptoms feels a lot like getting out of jail. You’re suddenly free but you’re pretty much starting from the bottom. How’s it like for you?


a job for certain. i am missing something called income. i miss it sorely.

how long ago did all that happen in your post?

I remember going to theme parks in my 20s with my son when he was little. I miss thoses times badly. It was like we didnt have a problem in the world.

I guess i miss fun too. “This” isnt much fun.


Yeah I’m kind of feeling flat or “dead”.
No highs or lows, just this vast empty feeling on the inside.
No cravings no desires.
I just basically eat, go to the bathroom and sleep.


I crave more physical capability and mental wellbeing. If I have those two, my life will improve drastically.
My intrusive thoughts have been damaging me for a very long time. I hope I am recovering too.

I want to move on… this illness is like a cross to bear

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I’m missing happiness.

Only started getting really sick about 2 years ago and have been on meds for about a year. Most of my life was still ok till a few years back but I had some good times after getting sick as well. Yeah I miss the income too. I’m going to school though so maybe that will lead to income later.

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Ps. I just noticed if u type 1515 it looks like ISIS
Weird, eh?

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I’m missing out on positive emotion. Feeling excited or joyful. I’m missing out on a relationship.


if only a couple of yrs ago maybe you can get those times back. its not too late.

i think i have had a very light case of whatever it is the doctors call this my whole life. yet it only got bad about 10 yrs ago. How ever, life seems to have moved on with out me as i am an older person now.

I think you going to school is very good for you. I think you will get those happy times back or be bold enough to create new ones.

I’m missing out on a relationship it would change my life dramatically, for the better.

I don’t just want anyone though.

Kinda experience this aswell.

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I’m missing that spark of interest that makes me look forward to doing something. Certain aspects are getting better but I miss having something I’m excited to sink a lot of time into


Id like to have money. I cant have a girlfriend if I’m broke all the time. So I gotta start with money. I used to have money then I spent it all sigh.


A girlfriend would be nice.

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I’m missing having a desire to learn and I’m missing natural spontaneous laughter.

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I miss good health, and as health is the most important thing in life after being alive,
it means that I’m struggling.

No, my life is complete. I only think that I want to go to a Spanish and yoga immersion next year. Why? I don’t really know. It’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do. If I like the country that I’m going to enough (Panama), I might stay there even. Like expatriate.

I’ve hit a plateau in my recovery. I feel flat, unfulfilled, bored, and I don’t look forward to much. I’ve been working out for the past week which has helped me look better, especially my skin, but other than that I’ve got nothing. It’s hard I watch my peers on tv and Facebook and people are getting married, moving places and I’m stuck at home, antisocial bc is worried I present as mentally ill, and I don’t have bursts of enjoyment that I can look forward to. Nothing is rewarding anymore, even exercise. Maybe I should just switch medications but I know the feeling of wanting more refined things in life. It’s a sign you’re at least doing well