Is there anything for negative symptoms yet? like minocycline?

Is there anything for negative symptoms yet? like minocycline in the past or coming up?

I have inflammation in my brain, taking supplements for lyme helps a bit like cats claw, resveratrol

dunno what else seriously. still can’t go on my own shopping in the big city without anxiety and all, but im stable from Vraylar 3 mg, also gambling a lot on Vraylar that is very very bad.

Any ideas? seems hopeless

Was on it for a while, didn’t help my negs at all.

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you felt nothing at all from it, thank God for you!, you must not have any brain infections going on.

I really dont know how to get fully functional human again, it’s no longer working for me, well very minimum not cured or in remission from minocycline even 50 mg anymore, I tried 200 mg… with hopes Dear Lord, I don’t fully understand all of this evil mess. I’m sorry :frowning:

My gut was making up for the lack of infections upstairs and it kept me busy.

You may just have to adjust to a different level of function and find hacks to cope with it.

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yeah the hacks are in place, my friends are helping me, and im nice to them i help them too whenever I can. still …

negative symptoms with anti-dementia medications compared to placebo, particularly galantamine, rivastigmine and memantine. There were no differences in adverse events between anti-dementia medications and placebo. Moderate to low quality evidence finds there may also be benefits of other adjunctive agents including aspirin, atomoxetine, celecoxib, cerebrolysin, amotidine, folate, granisetron, insulin, latrepirdine, mazindol, mianserin, mirtazapine, methotrimeprazine, oxytocin, pramipexole, reboxetine, selegiline, sildenafil, sodium benzoate, tropisetron, viloxazine, and vitamin B12.

You’re overthinking it. Get a hobby. Go out for a walk. Play some Beat Saber. Push some weights. That’s some immediate relief from your negs right there.

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Been normal and feel good seem to be a curse in this world.

I’d say that normal is a curse. Who wants to be boring?

Tell your doctor.
This is totally unacceptable


The only one that ever helped me was bupropion. Maybe APs did too, but if they did the change was slow enough that I couldn’t notice, though I am way better now from negatives.

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I want try that but my Drs refused to prescribe it. Weird as he prescribed me Wellbutrin which is riskier for psychosis as it increases dopamine in all the brain and it made my positive symptoms worse

i told him 20 times, he agreed the med causes it but he refuses to change AP because of bad past experiences atm. so im stuck with debts and 0 bank balance because of this abilify and vraylar.

I even tried LDN low dose naltrexone that made it even worse

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Oh jurgen those negative symptoms are hard to treat with currently available treatments. Some people are swearing to that some antidepressants made the big difference. I’ve learned that Mirtazapine(Remeron) helped with the quality of life for some users who had cognitive and negative issues.

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Im going to ask my doctor if it can help with the Vraylar/Abilify gambling problem and depression too

Yes Jurgen as I was always thought are you a very wise guy.

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You really believe it’s the AP?

Jurgen agree really with you in that 3. Gen antipsychotics like Abilify and Brexpriprazole has the gambling issues aswell as hyper sexuality and bench eating and compulsive shopping.