Is there anybody on antipsychotics who thinks he is successful?

Is there anybody on antipsychotics who thinks he is successful in any field?

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I have some success as a massage therapist. I thought that I had had a bad review, but my manager said that I didn’t. I got an average score, which was three. That means I’m meeting expectations. I also have regular clients who like me a lot.


I’m currently on Vraylar plus Wellbutrin and am med-compliant.


Don’t you get tired during a day?

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No. I do seven hours of massage in a day, sometimes it’s only six, depending on how full my day is. I am able to sit on a stool for some of the massage. If someone doesn’t require deep pressure, I could use the stool more. I have found ways to conserve my energy. Also, I have a one hour break scheduled in the middle of my shift. That helps a lot.


what medication do you use?

Been on anti-psychotics since 1982.

Success is relative. I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 19. I spent the first 3 years of my disease suffering in group homes and hospitals, even getting chained to a table for 5 hours at one point. in 1983, 9 months after getting out of the hospital I got a job where I worked at for the next four years through depression, psychosis and drug addiction. I’ve been working at different jobs pretty steadily ever since, albeit at low paying entry level jobs.

In 1995 I moved out of a group home and into my sisters duplex and for the next 20 years I lived in normal society mostly renting rooms in people houses. I got a car in 1997 and I’ve had cars and driven ever since. I had started college in 1984 and I just got my Humanities degree this past June.

In my disease I’ve traveled, had friends, tried dating and having girlfriends for short periods. Hung out with my family and their friends and husbands and wives. I had a nasty crack habit in the late 80’s but I got clean in 1990. I’ve had a lot of fun, done a lot of things. Life has slowed down considerably these last 5 years, at least as slow as it can get in a place like Silicon Valley where I live. I can’t list everything I’ve done here, it would be too long. I’ve been at my current janitor job for 12 years.

Have I been successful? You be the judge.


Caplyta and before that I was on Geodon.

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All the antipsychotics i used have dulled my creativity shut off my imagination but they have made life peacefull and removed my stress do they make me successful i dont know they help me stay calm i guess?

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If you push hard you can get it back.



I consider anybody who has this disorder and a job to be successful. If they have a family they started in addition they are mega successful.

They don’t have to be doctors or lawyers, I think if they can show up at any job and perform it well enough to keep it they are doing really well for a sz/sza individual. The more hours per week the more impressive. There are several people like that on the forum.

However measuring success in these terms can lead to some problems, what’s important in my eyes is that I’m happy and as little of a burden to my family as possible.


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