Is there any way to heal with food?

Staying on medication but using food to help. Is that possible?


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Yes it should compensate with food alone but would be expensive more than meds, as food intake also leds to specific thinking style, i have read it some where…

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I think eating healthy is good for anyone.


If I eat unhealthy on a regular basis I become depressed and negative. I worked out a few foods that I react particulary bad to, like potato crisps. I think it’s the oils in it. Sunflower oil and others.

My personal opinion:

  • Everyone’s mental health benefits from a whole food rather than junk food diet. Even normies.
  • People with MH problems are relatively often sensitive to food. Either a healthy diet or also eliminating specific food because of sensitivities (f.e. gluten).
  • Benefits can be small or radical, depending on what works for your individual body.
  • We have no good way to predict what it does for each person, without just trying it out.

For me, a different diet seems to make the difference between wanting to die and enjoying my life, but it’s too early to say.


A sensible diet will improve your overall health and stability.

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Personally i swear by high protein, chicken etc.

Its a great mood lifter. And dont be afraid to take a good multi vitiman either.

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