Is there any thing new for sz and bi polar

I’ve been on the roller coaster for years and it seems like one med works for one but counters the other

Cbd meds and a drug called iti-007 are on the horizon. Those are the ones I’m waiting for.

I wish it would hurry up I’m so tired of wondering what side effect is going to hit next

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Geodon and Seroquel do me pretty good. I’ve given up trying to find a drug that will completely cure me. I’m just happy they control my symptoms without being unbearable to take.

Yeah, I’ve settled into abilify / l-theanine. When iti-007 comes out, I don’t know if I want to be the first guinea pig though.

I’ve been on different combinations and I think my son got the worst of the side effects anything from violence to wanting to drink and I’ve been sobber to 32 years I would like to be able to sleep without voices waking me or nightmares

I’ve done abilfy effoxer sertraline I feel like a walking pharmacy I don’t like going anywhere that I have to take my meds in front of someone