Is there any sure way for diagnosing?

Hello! I am a 20-year-old female. I’ve been visitting a psychiatrist for quite a long time now. At first I was prescribed with Abilify. I can’t say that I was feeling good using the pill. I had numerous negative thoughts connected to what may or may not happen , something like an irrational fear. I could hardly focus on anything , had though time studying and was getting nervous all the time.
A month or two ago my new psychiatrist prescribed me the same (aripiprazol) but like a different pill - Explemed Rapid. This time the irrational fears reduced a lot and since then I feel somewhat better.

I decided to post this thread because I need to share something else.There have been times when I missed to drink my pills for day and two. When this happens I usually get back the exsessive imagination and I start dreaming. I usually dream about living on a different place with different people.

I know that this may sound a lot weird but I have read numerous google pages and I was wondering if this is simply exsessive imagination or day-dreaming.
The stuff that I can’t forget is the time when I first got ill. Back then the fears were quite different and more severe.

However, I am not a psychiatrist and I was wondering if you know about any good tests that are good, that are used for diagnosing and that are available online.
I will be really thankful if you send me a link or give me any advice on that because I’m still having an deep doubt if this for sure should be called schizophrenia.


You shouldn’t diagnose yourself using the Internet. Why don’t you get a second opinion by going to another psychiatrist instead?


I agree with @everhopeful, there’s no info on the web that can diagnose you. A proper psychiatrist should do that. Getting diagnosed over the internet it’s not good, really!

A second opinion would be best. Good luck!


None of the online tests can detect brain tumours (a possibility) – you need real doctors using real medical equipment for that. SZ-like symptoms can be caused by physical ailments, so it is critical you are examined and treated by trained doctors.


It takes a lot of time for a diagnosis to come about. Many visits with the psychiatrist.

You could get a second opinion but you should definitely not be using Dr Google.

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I have seen multiple professionals over the years, and they have all thought I had something different. Some of my labels have included:

Generalized Anxiety
Bipolar Disorder
And now Schizoaffective Disorder

The reality is that there are not “tests” - not even professionals have any such tests. The best that a professional can do for you is use everything they’ve learned from their studies and research to make a best guess, and then give you medication types that are most likely to help. Tests online are even less reliable, so that just goes to show how unreliable they are.

I think the best thing we can do (as in everyone with mental health issues) is to try different treatments until we find one that suits us just right. If a professional is giving you a type of treatment that isn’t working, and they won’t let you try something else (you usually have to ask), then it’s probably time to see a different professional.

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It seems to me that in talking about (diagnosing) mental illness, sometimes naming the effect and estimating the cause are not clearly separated, and I’m not even sure whether they ought to be. In other areas, these can be very different things… Clearly, researchers are in the business of estimating the causes, yet a diagnostician may only be naming the effect. And I don’t think we need to be sure about those causes to be sure about the name we apply to the effect. We can be very sure - as sure as could be - that a friend of ours is in love. And sometimes, we can also be unsure, maybe it would be better to call it lust at times. But in cases where we are sure about how to call it, we need not have a clue about the neurochemistry causing it.