Is there any psych doctors in this site

I need to know just in case I need some advice later on in the future.

Ther’s a Dr but idk if he’s a psychiatrist. Can’t you ask your psychiatrist?

I wish I can call her whenever I want, but it’s only used in emergency cases believe me they’ve turned me down before.

Don’t believe everything people on the internet say.

I’d be skeptical of anyone claiming to be a pdoc.


Change your pdr then?

Some Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, Are…,


But Not All of Them!.

I Say in Opinion Format.

Not Professional.

Good Luck On Your Mission to Save The Universe, @Illvoices, With Whatever You Find!.

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

I wish…!

They don’t have time to be here, they won’t work for free lol

It’s rude to ask someone to perform free work. if any psych doctor was here, I would hope they had the sense to never offer medical advice. That’s for their patients only.

Besides practicing outside their area is illegal, I believe.

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There used to be a guy here who was crazy smart but not a doctor and there was a falling out and he left.

There’s really a user here who’s a Dr unless he’s faking his name. He always writes Dr. His name at the end of his posts. I googled his username for fun and he’s really a Dr, even had a picture on a medical website. He posted a couple of days ago.

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