Is there any pill you can take for energy that’s safe to take with sz?

I need a tablet to take to tidy my room and keep on top of day to day tasks. Is there any safe to take with ax? Anyone take Ritalin?

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Have you tried any of those energy drinks like Red Bull or Rock Star?

I haven’t but I heard they give you a lot of pep. Just watch drinking too much of them…you might get addicted to the caffeine.

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I wouldn’t take Ritalin, I tried it once :confused: … Its still a chemistry I find…
But you could try the protein supps, who are full with minerals and vitamins and some lifting stuff. I read recently an article, that the protein supps are quite natural and not harmful.

I wouldnt recommend any uppers like amphetamines. Get a good nights rest instead and do your chores when youve woken up. Stimulants i find - mess with your paranoia.


Brain inflammation levels are tied to the strength of negative schizophrenia symptoms.

Caffeine is known to reduce brain inflammation as well as be a stimulant, so that would be the first thing I’d try. Could give you a good energy boost.

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All stimulants carry a risk of psychosis as a side effect. They usually aren’t recommended for people with psychosis.

Sarcosine is a supplement that has helped me get the motivation to complete my daily tasks.


I take Ritalin , helps me stay active, helps wake me up, yeah overall it puts me in better mood.

You can buy caffeine pills. Or buy some preworkout. That stuff contains caffeine and gets me going.

DMG 125 mg on empty stomach in morning. Its not a stimulant but helps you to remain awake, increases energy as it supplies more oxygen to muscle cells and other cells.

Pure green tea. Useful to remain active.

Where do you get it from did doctor prescribe it?

I drink energy drinks and coffee. My favorite energy drinks are red bull, monster, NOS, and Reign. They really get me going. Im not allowed to take Ritalin because I used to abuse those kinds of pills

Im prescribed my vyvanse for this. It helps me on the days i physically dont have the energy and cant get out of bed

I wouldn’t do stimulants…

Bit risky

I dont think there’s an “energy pill” per say.

Stimulants like caffeine and nicotine help, in moderation.


DMG, TMG etc acts like energy pills as these improves cell oxygenation. These are also called workout pills due to their ability to increase oxygen supply to cells.

L-Theanine may help.

It’s not a pill, but exercise may help.

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try the protein supps

Protein supps would tend to keep you level and steady all day, because protein helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is hard to digest, though, so huge amounts of protein would probably make you sluggish. I understand that most nutrition stores are selling a fairly strong energy supplement for weightlifters to use to get energy for their workouts. I’d check very carefully to make sure they don’t interact with your med’s in a harmful way. Of course there is coffee and caffeine. Safe, but still psychologically addictive. That might be your best bet.

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