Is there any accessibility support

I want to go to canada or US for my study abroad and i want to knew that is there any accessibility or support service in the University dormitory please inform me it will be very helpful

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I’m also planning to study abroad and looking for the insurance coverage, whether my illness will be covered. Of course there would be a counseling service, but I don’t know whether we can get a service of prescriptions of medicine…I’m looking for the conditions of the schools and insurance companies. You might need to ask to them for the information.

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Sonagi which country are you from and what is your area of interests?

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Which university is it? I can search it up- I also speak Korean.

Best thing to do at this point is get your questionnaire ready, and email it to your university faculty. Furthermore you can contact your embassy in that country.

They will email you back.

I can’t speak for canada, but in the US you can join on your schools health insurance plan if you need it, and they normally have counseling available at the school. Some schools have a psychiatrist, so I would ask for what is available. If not you will have to search in the area. I suggest using to search for doctors where you will be living that will take your insurance and will have open spots, which is often hard to find as the mental health system is overwhelmed in the US. Also if you feel like it, I recommend searching to see if the state, county, or city you will be in has a department of mental health, and seeing if you can get assigned a caseworker, as this creates a support system and they can hospitalize you without you having to interact with police in the US, who are notoriously bad with the mentally ill.

I’m from South Korea and interested in the United States to study.

Oh, thank you for your support. I didn’t make a choice yet but have to look up many schools as much as possible I can. I’ve been delaying searching for it for a long time and now getting started to do it. I have a question. Should I make inquiries about insurances to school admission department or insurance companies? I’m confused. Thanks…!

You should inquire the schools first. They have accessibility support there. :slight_smile:


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