Is there an online way to try to work?

Hi, all. I hope you’re doing well.

I’ve developed schizoaffective disorder about 7 years ago and i finally gave up on formal work with “normal” people. The thing is: disability wage in my country isn’t enough to survive so i was wondering if any of you could help me find a way to work online. My cognitive functions are damaged but maybe i could still be productive. Ty.

Ps: been living with a sick aunt since my parents are already gone and i don’t have any other family in my age to help us. I’m 35 and depressed as hell because i can’t be financially independent


Welcome to the forum,

Disability in most countries is barely enough to live on, you have to learn to become frugal. Only buy food that is on sale for example.

I have paranoid schizophrenia and haven’t worked in about 17-18 years but I recently got a part time job for the first time in a long time. There are jobs out there good for mentally ill people, you just have to search for them. I found my job on a job website called indeed,com. Just browse the website daily and apply to jobs you think you can do.

I applied to a lot of jobs, got a lot of rejections, but every once in a while a job comes up that a mentally ill person can work. Time and patience is what it takes. Jobs like a janitor are pretty easy, or car detailer at a car dealership, or whatever you think you can do.

Online jobs are not necessarily the easiest because you may have to constantly deal with customers, or whatever.

What kind of job did you have in mind?


Welcome! Echoing was Headspark said, online jobs can be tricky but they can be done. Another good website is flexjobs dot com, though it requires a yearly subscription. I think you can look around for free and whatnot, just maybe not be able to directly apply without subscribing and uploading a resume. But that site is pretty much exclusively for online/distance jobs. Good luck!


Thank you for your kind answer. Unfortunately if you take the “illness” wage here in Brazil you cannot have any kind of formal work (at least not a registered one) or else they simply take it away from you. It pays like 200 dollars and we have a big inflation here aswell but it’s needed since i can’t take a full time job.

I was hoping to become a translator from english to portuguese and vice versa or a copywriter since i’m still able to write with a good amount of creativity but i wouldn’t know how to start or find clients.

My depression is very high due to a terrible outbreak last year so earning some “bucks” could help restoring my confidence a little. The whole idea of being a dependant/fully disabled male of 35 years old is keeping the depression and anxiety at a huge level.

PS: I have a whole bunch of thoughts about becoming homeless, ruin thoughts since this whole nightmare begun.

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I teach English online currently and have for many years. It’s not really enough to survive in my home country (USA) but as I’m currently living in Thailand I manage to scrape by.

Maybe you could look and see if there are any schools looking for teachers of your native language.

I work remotely as a commercial insurance broker, but my job does have a high cognitive load, not to mention the stress of balancing the needs/demands of multiple customers at the same time. Might be an option if you can handle it.

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@Pikasaur works as a freelance translator I think. Maybe they can give you some advice when they come online.

Lots of companies offer jobs now for people to run their social media accounts. It wont hurt to create a twitter and cultivate some good vibes with some positive messages and apply to some companies looking for a social media coordinator or whatever they call it.

Unfortunately i can’t teach grammar in both languages but i could still translate any texts. I could write content aswell… About movies and series or simply get a subject and study it a little before giving my insights.

I know you guys and ladies aren’t company owners but maybe some of you could know someone that knows someone with a good heart and demand.

Checkout upwork,com

Individuals and companies post all kinds of online jobs. Like copying and pasting stuff into spreadsheets, translating text, and all kinds of online jobs you can do on your computer.

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There’s not a lot of demand for writers at the moment, to be honest. At least not work that pays well. I used to earn a living as a technical writer in the certification industry circa 2000 and I’ve watched all of the people I knew who do/did the same leave for other fields as there’s just not enough writing work that pays a living wage. Maybe @ZombieMombie can offer some insights here, she’s got professional writing chops.

I don’t work online anymore. Not since the big outsourcing to writers in countries where $1 for 500 words was “good” money. I wouldn’t know where to begin these days. Sorry.

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That’s the crux of the issue. I don’t think that’s a living wage in even the poorer countries and it won’t buy you a cuppa in the U.S. or Canada.

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Thank you for all the ideas and insights. It’s sad how my country treats people with this disability, i mean, it’s the #1 mental illness when it comes to expenses and there’s no way to survive with what it pays. Everyday i feel like i’m under a countdown to become a homeless person because i’ve never held a job or developed a career and my aunt is the last family i have left.

I’ve registered at the textbroker website and got approved with a review that i’ve made about a movie but there’s no demand there. The other websites like upwork, workana, freelancer, etc all seem to have the “Premium” account thing for applying or competing and i can’t afford it (we’re running under a very tight budget here).

And yes… Zombie is right. The currency exchange is a big factor. I’d be delighted to write 1000 words daily for ten dollars. That would be like 50 reais here… Multiply it by 22 working days and i’d be getting over 1.000 reais, almost more than the disability wage pays. Plus being productive, having the idea that i’m somehow an active member on this planet… It would be awesome.


I once looked for online jobs, but it seems harder than ordinary, just a feeling.

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I use upwork.
Once you get a decent rating going, there’s a steady flow of tasks.
I do translations and write articles.


If you need help navigating the site, or tips for what jobs to apply for and such, feel free to pm me


Hi @Pikasaur . Nice to hear that you’re getting something online going on. I’ve actually submitted my profile for UpWork some time ago but it wasn’t accepted. I think it’s because i haven’t fully submitted my work history and i don’t have a portfolio for writing and translating… Or maybe they’re just not accepting people from SA right now. Anyway, i’m thinking about resubmitting it again, would you mind taking a look at it?

I can’t add the link to it here and i can’t send you a PM. I guess it’s because i’m a new user.

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