Is there an effective antipsychotic?

I’m on 2 antipsychotics and I’m still getting hallucinations. I’ve almost tried everything. I told my pdoc and he said just give it time, but I’m getting close to ending up in the hospital again.

There is probably something that works for you, just need to find it, but it usually takes a few weeks for the meds to kick in so you should give it a little time. What are you on right now?

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They all say give it time. Some say give it as long as 6 months. It can take a long time to get use to the meds. I hate the ones that say I didnt give it long enough. I’m sorry the hallucinations arent better for you. I have taken a lot of different antipsychotics. On two now latuda and abilify


Clozapine is supposed to be the “gold standard” for treatment-resistant schizophrenia. There are increased risks and you will have to do regular bloodwork, but it can be very effective.


I have tried more than 10 in 3 years

I’m on invega trinza and risperdal but I’m hearing a lot of voices

Haven’t tried those. Anyways a healthcare professional knows best what to do. If you have been on those for several weeks with no improvement I would get a appointment with your doc to discuss changes, or even change doctor if they are not taking you seriously.

I second Clozapine. It works for me. :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

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Amisulpride and risperidone were the most effective for me. But everyone is different

From Google:
How effective are antipsychotics for schizophrenia?
Individuals treated with antipsychotics were twice as likely to respond to treatment as those treated with placebo: 51% and 23% on antipsychotics had a “minimal” or “good” response to treatment, versus 23% and 14% on placebo; medications better, but not as good as one would like.

Have you tried Yoga Nidra? Could be something to try.

I changed from Invega to Aristada. Was med free for 6 months to get Invega out of my system. It’s taken 3 months worth of shots to feel the best benefits of Aristada.

I felt the effects right away, but the negatives needdd time to be treated. Feeling better each day.

No med is perfect,but hopefully you can find something that brings you to a better place.

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Did you relapse in those 6 months with symptoms?

clozaril, best ap

If ap dont work, did they ever try anything else, like cbt or emdr or neurofeedback?

You are talking about different ways of therapy. Some people respond to it,
others think its worthless.
Think through it before you try.

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From Wikipedia
In order from more effective:

Clozapine, Amisulpride, Zyprexa, Risperdal, Paliperidone, Quetiapine-Abilify-haloperidol, Ziprasidone-iloperidone-Latuda, etc


They’re saying now, it’s a problem with serotonin and pimaseravin might help.

im on as amuilspride its effective but has sideffects

Sure, i know it doesnt work for everybody and not everyone believes in it. Same goes for meds. In this case meds dont work, so next to f.e. trying clozapine, i think another thing to do, is: not give up. There are other things to at least give a try, that might offer alleviation. And for which there is at least some scientific proof. I would never claim they work surely, perfectly and for everybody though.

I hated meds and managed to get off them, while doctors said that was not possible. I have spoken to several people who have healed from sz and are now medfree and functioning normally. So i always think it is worth a try. To not just give up on life when there is no response to meds.

Finally for me it was the Abilify, Olanzapine and Seroquel that helped me and what they call hallucinations, I take all three daily but it did take around a year till I noticed the changes.

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