Is there a way to tell you bloodtype or rhesus type without taking an official test?

I have a friend who might need a kidney transplant, depending on how his treatment works over the next few weeks.

He’s type Arh- and I’m pretty sure I’m type O, which means if I’m O- I can give him a kidney.
I have no doubt that if he calls me and says there’s nothing that can be done to save his kidneys, I’ll hop on a plane and take every test in the book if there’s a chance I could donate.

But I still want to kinda reassure myself I’m at least a viable option, because if I’m O+ I can’t donate to him as far as I know.

I’ve read certain things on google like “get a pharmacy testing kit” or “pay attention to which foods you respond well to”, but are there other ways?
Like, I don’t know, take a droplet of blood, pour some salt into it, and see which colour it turns, or some shite like that?

I’d do anything at this point, but I can’t afford to be spending money on test unlesss they’re necessary.

I’m type 0+ :crazy_face:

iam 0- and when ever i go to give blood they measure my pressure and said i cant cause its low.:frowning:
miika u should do an exam of your blood to see the blood type u are u cant find it else.

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