Is There a Way to Determine If You Are An Alcoholic If You Never Drank Before?

I have been so fearful that I am one that I’ve never drank before.

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I read that some have an addictive personality.

Anyone in your family an alcoholic?

This doesn’t make sense. You can NOT be an alcoholic if you’ve never drank before.

I have an alcoholic Uncle.

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Maybe you made a good decision not to drink then. I’m terrified of alcoholism affecting my nieces.

I have had frequent food binges in the past.

You might have a predisposition to become an alcoholic. Like people said, it runs in families and some people have an addictive personality. You could be the type of person who has a tendency to become an alcoholic but if you don’t drink, you’re not an alcoholic.

I have an addictive personality bigtime. From the word “go” my drinking was out of control. I joined the army, which was the last thing I should have done to control my drinking. Everyone in the army drank a LOT. It kind of created a surly attitude, because there was likely to be 1,500 men in any post who were bummed out because they had to submit to military discipline while they were in a perpetual hangover.

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bruh you’re good. you can’t be an alcoholic if you don’t drink. the definition of an alcoholic is someone who drinks to the point at which they ruin their life. you’re fine. you might be a hypochondriac, though. A good way to tell if you’re a hypochondriac is if you think you’re a hypochondriac lol