Is there a term for this condition?

Where you cannot emotionally connect to anything? Is it because of the medication or the illness? I’m completely void of emotions + I am so restless to the point where I can’t take naps. I used to love sleep, that was like my day drug when I had nothing to do and now I can’t even do that. It’s driving me crazy.

I don’t emotionally connect to anything also. I’ve kind of learned to live with it, but I spent a long time feeling cut off and left out. The situation will probably correct itself. You’ll find things you like to do and people you like to be with. I kind of cut myself off on purpose. Don’t do that.

Abilify makes me restless. It’s kind of like restless leg syndrome. I read that antipsychotics can cause rls. I just bought Hylands Restful Legs at Walgreens. It gets 4.5 stars on Amazon.

The inability to feel things or enjoy things I think is related to the anhedonia.

yeah that no emotions is called flat affect and is related to apathy.

antidepressants seem to help, certain ones for different features which accompany the depression. For example, one is really good for OCD and depression, another is too, then another is good for tired depression, some are better for restless symptoms.

you could maybe use another med…I would tell the psychiatrist your feelings of lack of emotions and restlessness. There are options to help with it.