Is there a pinnacle?

Some of us try to achieve their best results. Do you, have an idea of what the pinnacle of yourself might be? For me its to lose more weight and to gain more muscle. And day in day out I put in the effort to do so. And it has been very rewarding. To reach the highest level of health and well being in oneself is true achievement.


Those are great goals, LWD! And you’re already pushing to achieve them.

My pinnacle would be to go back to college for my masters. And go back to work.

I’ve recovered a bit in the last few months. I’ve been able to fight off paranoia and anxiety, and get outside and take 5 mile walks. I’m still fighting like hell to be even better and accomplish my goals.

Wishing you the best of luck on yours!




Be able to sit down + write the things I have had in mind for a long time. Also various books I want to put together. One to be hand bound. To be able to think and read enough to self publish some of them as e books.


My pinnacle… my point where I look back and say, “NOW I have made it”… is when two things happen

  1. I can talk as well as I write and I can get through my day more independently. Meaning my cognitive abilities aren’t on again off again

  2. When I can quit my meds and still be stable. (that part may never happen, so I have number 1 to fall back on)


I want a Ph.D. in psychology. That’s my dream. For me, it’s not unrealistic, I am on a full scholarship right now and making all A’s, majoring in psychology. I want to turn my bane into my greatest strength.

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My pinnacle would be to lose weight and be healthy in mind and body.
Also i wouldn’t mind finding an understanding and empathetic female companion in my life, preferably one with a severe MI like me


Yes. Having a girl friend who you can both share the MI together is so super sweet and special. It’s like we both feel the pain together. We learn and move on. We know how bad it is for the both of us MI kind of strengthens the relationship in a way. Ttyl

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Be careful though. I was once in a depression support group and I was talking to someone with mania (he had only had the depressed part once so he wasn’t really bipolar) and he dated someone with the same mood disorder as him and their moods fed off each other. They just made each other worse.
I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a partner with a MI, but I personally don’t know if I would seek that out. Understanding is great, but what if you break at the same time? What if you get hospitalized? You will have to worry how they are coping with that. What if they break and you are hospitalized and can’t help them?
I’m not big. I’m not strong. I do agree that it would be wonderful to be able to help someone like myself and provide companionship, but I can barely take care of myself.
Here is an example of how I am able to walk around without macing anyone who looks like they might be a faster runner than me (they could catch me if I ran).

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