Is there a Natural cure somewhere out there?

Is there such a thing as a NATURAL CURE out there for schizophrenia? Like CBD is naturally a cure for some kids with epilepsy, I wish someone finds a natural cure for schizophrenia. These days we have the internet (international network) , which we never had when I was a kid. The internet lets us transfer information much much faster so if anyone out there finds a certain herb or plant cures their schizophrenia they can spread that information much quicker than say 15-20 years ago.

A natural cure? Hmmm?


Orthomolecular treatment sounds promising. Hope I’m allowed to say that.

It doesn’t matter if the cure is natural or not, so long as it gets the job done.


A natural cure just seems more loving . Like nature is actually positive. But a cure is a cure in my eyes, no matter where it comes from.

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“Nature is actually positive” , ???

Yeh but tobacco is natural but it causes cancer in some. Hmmm? I still believe in nature some how.

I’ve always been one for nature myself… It’s the reason I refuse meds… Also bad history with them… I do neurofeedback… and… it’s helping my cognition, but I’m still very symptomatic.

A lot of things that are natural are dangerous, not just tobacco. And, no, there is no cure at the moment, but I hope there will be soon. And to find one, I think we need to trust in science and not self-experimentation. The “orthomolecular” treatment that carsrcool mentioned has not been proven to be effective for schizophrenia and there is no reason to assume that it is. In fact, megadoses of vitamins can be dangerous. Orthomolecular treatment is alternative medicine, somewhat like homeopathy.


It’s a shame CBD really only works for epilepsy and not schizophrenia. I wonder if they’ll find a cure in my lifetime.?

The thing is if they find a natural cure we could all take it right now, but if it’s a man made cure we’re gonna have to wait at least 3 more years, or even 10 years for crappy trials. That’s why I’m hoping a natural cure will arise.

Half of the top ten prescription drugs in the U.S. are of animal, plant, or microorganism origin, yet man continues to chop down the rainforests. We’re losing medications, species, and oxygen:

Maybe you can control symptoms of sz through diet, vitamins, and supplement, also exercise.

@see121 no you can"t !
I live an excellent lifestyle, I not only exercise but am very high fit, no medications,
and I can’t function!
My situation is atrocious!
Don’t tell me I can control this terrible disease with healthy lifestyle.

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What’s up my beuti…