Is there a medication that doesn't "block" emotions as much?

I’m currently on 5mg zyprexa and 1mg riserpdal. And I find that they take away my emotions to a degree.

I’ve heard abilify doesn’t do it as much? Only thing is that when I last tried it I got akathisia, but I got that when I started zyprexa too but it went away (I didn’t try abilify for long, I quit it right away when I got severe akathisia).

I’m kind of desperate for a better medication.

It sucks not being able to laugh or cry (well I laugh some, but not much, can’t cry though).

Maybe I can try abilify again and if I get akathisia I can take something else to take it away (for example beta blockers`?) I can’t live it akathisia though, that’s for sure. (I don’t get akathisia on my current meds)

Abilify, rexulti , vraylar might help.

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Yes vraylar made me feel human again.

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i feel pretty normal on clozapine and abilify


Amisulpride works well for my negative symptoms as well as psychosis. It doesn’t dull me that much either.